Eye Catching Sets!!

Hey everyone!! Time for a new contest!! This contest will be all about those amazing sets that just catch one's eyes. Sets that just scream "look at me"!!!! Maybe it's just incredibly soft and so well put together that someone would just have to check it out, or maybe it is one that is so vibrant and full of life that someone would not be able to stop themselves from looking!! Perhaps it is full of vivacious colors or beautiful pastels... regardless, i want to see them!! :) There will be 12 winners again, and it will conclude in 1 week!! Have some fun everyone!! Muah!! <3 <3 Amy <3 <3

Created by babyphatlove0707. Created in LeAvE A SeT, MaKe A ComMeNt!??. 799 sets from 329 members. Ended 5 years ago.