+ Full Name mackenzie 'mac' cassidy
+ Age 21
+Neighborhood reservoir hill 
+ Position on staff contributor - people, i guess??? could there be a politics option?
+ Style little punk, little 'hipster', fond of simple colours and classic designs
+ Bio: mac grew up with her mom and her brother in spanish harlem new york city. her mom was once part of 'the life' - when their mom was eleven, she was run away and taken in by a pimp. she had mac's brother, zayn when she was sixteen and mac when she was seventeen. she escaped when mac was six months old. they lived in poverty for a long time, their mom desperately trying to pull her life together.

mac always had a hard time keeping track of things. she had to make sure her mother was studying for her ged, that zayn was staying out of trouble and taking care of her own grades in school. mac's always had a passion for politics, for the rights of people like her mother and other women, for marginalized races and genders. so when she went to university, she studied women's studies and journalism. which was awesome until her mom died and zayn got busted for dealing.

so she dropped out. forced to help zayn get his life back on track, they moved to baltimore. a new start and a new life. she's found a home at the magazine, covering stories and making friends.

+ Likes sweaters, punk and hardcore music, killer shoes, going to shows, tattoos, drunkenly arguing abortion politics, cooking, street art

+ Dislikes republicans, alt country music, american football (not the sport, the band), talking about her mom, getting her brother out of trouble 

+ Status single

+ Model leya lewis

@vampire-weakend @emgeemtee ty for letting me do this so late alex! xxxx
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