Heidi Kirsch

"You can't just leave your bra on the ground, Heidi" my brother, Hadyn, paused, "there is such thing as putting it into the wash basket."

"What makes you think it's mine?" I raised an eyebrow and crossed my arms over my chest, disappointed that my brother would always blame pety things on me. 

"It's pink" he spoke, thrusting the bra into my face as if to give me a closer look. I took a step back before he would continue to invade my personal space.

Did I just think that? That's something Hillary would have said; only she would have snapped her fingers in a Z formation.

"It could be yours" I stated, rolling my eyes and beginning to walk around my brother who seemed to begin another 'women suck to live with' rampage.

"You're not leaving until you admit that you should clean up after yourself" Hadyn spoke, standing in my path and now mimicking me by crossing his arms over his chest.

"It's not my bra" I exclaimed, glaring at my brother; these heels gave me an advantage to look him in the eye. "Has it ever been brought to your attention that you live with three other women besides me?" I questioned him.

"Kids, what are you fighting about now?" I heard my father's voice boom from behind me; it startled me, causing me to jump a little. 

"I'm not a kid, father" I rolled my eyes as he approached Hadyn and I.

"You'll always be my little girl" he spoke, pinching my cheeks, I tried flinching away but it never seemed to work. "And you'll always be my big girl" he added, pinching Hadyn's cheeks.

I held in a laugh though a giggle escaped, "Aw, look at who Daddy loves the most, his big girl" I spoke in a baby voice, earning a glare from Hadyn.

"Son, why are you holding your mother's bra?" father questioned curiously, raising an eyebrow.

Hadyn dropped the bra on the ground, taking a step back from it as if it was a poisonous snake. Hadyn will never admit his fear for snakes. "Ew, that's Mum's bra?" he exclaimed with a disgusted expression.

"We must have left it in the living room when-" father began to tell a tale but Hadyn and I didn't want to hear the end of.

"Ew" we said in unison before I pushed my brother out of my path. "I don't want to know, father" I called over my shoulder and walking upstairs.

I had to hide the smirk off my face; Hadyn's face was priceless and it was definitely something I would never forget.

You can't live with your family; you can't live without them.

"Heidi!" Betty's voice echoed the hallway as did my heels as I approached my youngest sister's bedroom. 

Young Betty stood in front of the mirror, holding two dresses, one in each hand. She turned to face me with her brightly lit smile and innocent eyes. How I wished I could go back to being 15 again.

"Which dress should I wear for my first day?" Betty asked, smiling sweetly as I approached to have a proper look at both dresses. 

It was our first day at the local high school and both of wanted to make a good impression. It mattered to us both, that's one of the many reasons why we were close. 

We cared about the same things.

"The floral print, the other seems too short for a first day back" I paused, "you don't want the boys doing anything stupid to you."

"Like kiss me?"

Yes, lets go with kiss her; she was my baby sister after all, anything else the boys wanted to do to her was out of the picture.
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