Name: Ezmerelda Abrams-Ramírez
Age: you choose (between ages 18 and 22)19
Parents: Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Szhor) and Cristofer Ramírez (Francisco Lachowski) 
Likes: you choose (at least 6)the color green, pasta salad, butterflies, her guitar, reading, her family, shooting stars
Dislikes: you choose (at least 6)rejection, country music, bugs, the color brown, her ex, people telling her she cant do something, tans 
Bio: Ezmerelda or Ezzie as she perfers is a mix between girly girl and tomboy. She loves to get dressed up for parties and to represent her family, but she also can grunge it up with her band. Thats right she has a band that not even her closest friends know about. Can she keep her double life or will someone find out?
Secret(s): She is the lead singer to a band named "Blonde Voltage" that plays seedy clubs 
Relationship status:single but crushing on her drummer 
Model: Camilla Belle
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hey everyone we probably already know eachother but at least say hello:P
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