Fabulous Fashions sets found on Polyvore

you know the deal..see a set, LOVE it, want to remember it...that's what this collection is for :-)
  • Come with Me
    "There are so many Polys that create such beautiful sets..this is one of them, her sets are divine ! She is @signaturenails-dstanley" — @linda-caricofe
  • On The Catwalk....
    "So fabulous I wanted to share it with as many as possible, to be enjoyed always. This set is by a fab Poly named @nz-carla" — @linda-caricofe
  • Unique Style
    "I love sets filled with beautiful things...@jnp587 creates that kind of set, always a treat when to go to her page" — @linda-caricofe
  • Idlewild
    "She creates sets that are a treat for my eyes, she is the totally awesome diva @gaburrus" — @linda-caricofe
  • Love Forzieri
    "@sneky creates sets of fashions that are so fabulous, makes you want to shop" — @linda-caricofe
  • Pretty Bird
    "Want to enjoy sets that have the one of a kind look, see @cynthia335. She creates sets that really has that signature flair" — @linda-caricofe
  • Just a lovely day!
    "Yes indeed, not only do I love the fashions in this set, but the Poly too, she is one whose page I do not visit often enough, but when I do get there, I really enjoy myself, she is @commedia" — @linda-caricofe
  • Day in the City
    "The jacket & tank that should belong to me, set by that adorable Poly @sheryl-lee" — @linda-caricofe
  • Natalia Vodianova
    "Wow, I love this set..and the Poly too, she's so cool, she's @ellchy89" — @linda-caricofe
  • a seven nation army couldn't hold me back
    "this set is AWESOME ! Makes me stare, cool fashions too. Set maker is @glamatarian" — @linda-caricofe
  • US American national flag
    "I LOVE LOVE LOVE this amazing set, thank you @emavera for loving the good ole red white and blue..this set pops right off the screen, it's fantastic !!!" — @linda-caricofe
    "this is so neato !!!! By the cool Poly @sherry7411" — @linda-caricofe
  • Bellatrix Lestrange
    "Beyond fab !!! I love this set by @kate7695" — @linda-caricofe
  • The sweetest Lady
    "I adore her too, and this set is so perfect for her... this set was created by @anne-irene for our wonderful friend @passion-fashion-2" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #517
    "Now this Poly has a really cool Poly name, she's @quitabaity , and take a look at this, she creates super fab sets !" — @linda-caricofe
  • The new chic
    "This Poly really is nice, and well, somehow, she does not have many followers, let's follow her :-) She is @clar2013" — @linda-caricofe
  • Josephine Skriver
    "Such a beautiful set I had to share and keep it with me to enjoy always. The set maker is a dear Poly friend, my little @rainie-minnie" — @linda-caricofe
  • Wild in Paris
    "Totally out of this world FAB FAB set, by the totally fab fab Poly @adduncan , love ya kiddo :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Bois de rose
    "a wonderful Poly everyone enjoys hearing from, and who creates such lovely sets, she is @amaryllis" — @linda-caricofe
  • Ava
    "She's one of the finest on Polyvore, set maker is @hatsgaloore, we all adore her and her sets :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • ▲ ★•´¯`✦☚► • they tend to be • ◄☛✦´¯`•★▲
    "Ya, I like, I LIKE set maker @anasvetlucavoinstyle creates fascinating sets, they are indeed a must see" — @linda-caricofe
  • Beauty in Black!
    "Wowowowowowwow, I can see Marilyn in this fabulous gown...2 thumbs up to the adorable set maker @charlotte007 , she finds the neatest things for her sets" — @linda-caricofe
  • Make an entrance....
    "Yeah, this will get your attention...fabulous set, I totally LOVE it...and love the set maker too, she's that cool Poly, @becksd78" — @linda-caricofe
  • Stripe Hype
    "Yeah bebe, hot for stripes, fantastic set by @natasha-gayden" — @linda-caricofe
  • Happy Fat Tuesday!!
    "set by the amazing Poly @gaburrus , she wows me with her sets everytime" — @linda-caricofe
  • Animal Prowess
    "So wild ! Love the sets and the collections from that Poly @rozelle she is totally cool" — @linda-caricofe
  • The Way You Say Good Morning............
    "Wow,, the colors, the presentation, wonderful set by a truly dear and wonderful Poly, she is @nz-carla" — @linda-caricofe
  • A Stroll in Paris
    "This is sooo Paris ! French darling, French :-) Fabulous set by that wonderful Poly @tracireuer" — @linda-caricofe
  • Happy Birthday Lidia
    "OMG, this is so yummy I could eat it, wowowowow, fab set by that fab Poly @doozer" — @linda-caricofe
  • The Red Hat
    "wowwowowowowow, knock out set, and with hats too, I LOVE hats...set is by the wonderful @sweetdee55" — @linda-caricofe
  • Chic Love
    "There's a wonderful Poly girl that creates sets full of fabulous things, she's the sweet @sneky" — @linda-caricofe
  • Korean inspired lace/floral
    "My goodness, such dear models and fashions too...this set is by @snowshoekittens" — @linda-caricofe
  • Flapper Squirrel
    "This is so dear, look at the Sqiurrel in the painting, then the dress, somehow this Poly found a dress that really looks like the one of the dear flapper Squirrel ! SO CUTE ! Set maker is the talented Poly @yoyinicus" — @linda-caricofe
  • Coach: I Love You!
    "The only way to have the blues is wear them...and that adorable Poly @justjules2332 sure does know how to wear those blues" — @linda-caricofe
  • Haider Ackermann
    "You bet, this is a knock out set, WHOOT WHOOT, love this look and color..love the set maker too, that wonderful Poly @passion-fashion-2" — @linda-caricofe
  • Louis Vuitton S/S 2013
    "simply the best, yes, this is true...set maker is the wonderful @mrekulli" — @linda-caricofe
  • Senza titolo #2187
    "My style the whole way, no kidding, I even have a lime hand bag, tehehehe and black hat just like this one in the set, yep. 2 thumbs up to @fede92 for good fashion sense :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Go Pink in the Summer
    "I ADORE Pink !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Set is by my Poly friend, @marastyle" — @linda-caricofe
  • The Queen comes in McQueen...;-)
    "oh my, I must check out those wonderful heels...totally fab set maker @marastyle knows McQueen in red, oh my yes ..WOWOWOOWW" — @linda-caricofe
  • Bold Is Beautiful
    "She's a Poly that loves to color, just like me :-) she is @gaburrus" — @linda-caricofe
  • Sway Sway Baby
    "She creates sets that are filled with wonderful things...she's that wonderful Poly @hatsgaloore" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled 434
    "OH MY, Love this set by @ceca-66" — @linda-caricofe
  • Resort - day to night
    "YAYAYAYAYAAYAY, this set is a knock out..so great it should be in top sets, no kidding LOVE this set by @ropearoundyourneck" — @linda-caricofe
  • Happy Valentine's Day!
    "that Poly @ritadolce creates sets that makes me swoon :-) I think perhaps I shall make her my Valentine, teheheheeee" — @linda-caricofe
  • Mad About The Girl
    "OH MY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this dress....this beautiful set is by a fabulous Poly, she is @emavera" — @linda-caricofe
  • spring wear
    "Hey, here's someone that is cool and needs more followers....mint cool set is by @alliyah-330" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #1152
    "Totally awesome creation by @indy" — @linda-caricofe
  • P&O&B
    "How wonderful is this ? So wonderful, most wonderful, truly wonderful , it is..almost as wonderful as the set maker, that would be @barbarela11" — @linda-caricofe
  • around the world
    "The crisp white outfoit, the action...the entire set is a fab set by @ffpava" — @linda-caricofe
  • -my own fashion-
    "That blue with those silvery coated jeans is rocking ! This set is by @star-7" — @linda-caricofe
  • Casually
    "MEN, yeah, finally someone creating fashions of rme sets...LOVE this, and this Poly really does create fab fashions for men sets..2 thumbs up" — @linda-caricofe
  • Well dressed....
    "I LOVE the color of that dress....beautiful set, with a wonderful thank you to friends by @carola-corana , this Poly is so nice , thank you so much :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Count on me....
    "I think this casual jeans look is so real..and I also love the, best friends text..set is by a wonderful Poly too, she is @becksd78" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #670
    "This is the cutest ever, created by my cutest ever Poly friend @loulynne" — @linda-caricofe
  • Get the Blues
    "@marastyle is in de house, yeah....this set maker makes a grand entrance on your followers page always, she is mega fabulous" — @linda-caricofe
  • In The Pink
    "This Poly set maker is one you do not want to miss, she is @gaburrus" — @linda-caricofe
  • Hello World,I'm Green!!
    "set maker @brenda-joyce creates sets that really pop...love this set, don't you" — @linda-caricofe
  • I'll be back :-)
    "yep, love this set, sure do, and I totally love the qoute, I'll be back too...I am now following this cool Poly, the set maker is @angeliedesir" — @linda-caricofe
  • FWF-Zac Posen Brocade Jacket
    "pure luxury, that I love..by that wonderful Poly set maker @tracireuer" — @linda-caricofe
  • Something beautiful...
    "The WOW set, it has that look, so chic...by the wonderful @commedia" — @linda-caricofe
    "This set maker is such a joy to follow, she is @barbarela11" — @linda-caricofe
  • Vintage Enchantress
    "the set that should be framed and hung on the wall..it's so fab...so is the set maker, my Poly pal @gaburrus" — @linda-caricofe
  • The softer side of me
    "Daddy's little girl look all grown up, sugar and spice and oh my this is nice, set maker is that adorable @sheryl-lee" — @linda-caricofe
  • beauty
    "This just made my day, look at these fabulous colors ! Set is by @wtushiszofran" — @linda-caricofe
  • The Life of Venus
    "Dreamy..love the layout, the look, love the set maker too, teeeheeee...set maker is @kateolive" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #161
    "Absolutely stunning set by @designsbygenevieveinteriors" — @linda-caricofe
  • Someone Like You..........
    "I love the colors in this set, I adore the set maker too, she is @nz-carla" — @linda-caricofe
  • 140. Dress Really Well
    "those gold boots , OH MY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool fashion set by @cherieaustin" — @linda-caricofe
  • The Princess - Rêve d'orange - l'été indien... ***
    "@sylvialucky creates such beautfiul sets" — @linda-caricofe
  • Floating On Air
    "The fashion as the art....this set is so perfect, I adore this set, don't you...set maker is a dear Polyvorian , @passion-fashion-2" — @linda-caricofe
  • Cavalli
    "wow, and I do mean, wow, LOVE this set by @leegal57" — @linda-caricofe
  • McQueen's Gold
    "one of the prettiest McQueen sets ever, created by @drenise" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled 393
    "such a beautiful set , created by @ceca-66" — @linda-caricofe
  • RHoPV
    "this is exactly what I told a friend of mine the other day, theheheeheheheheee...this set is beyond cool, set maker is @girlyideas" — @linda-caricofe
  • *O*
    "Oh my, I love all of this, the colors makes me happy :-) Set maker is @marijanakrasic" — @linda-caricofe
  • Unbenannt #3074
    "for the love of color, wonderful set by a wonderful Poly friend @snowmoon" — @linda-caricofe
  • .Dreams for you!!!!!!! @MyChanel
    "so beautiful it glows...created by a Polyvorian that glows all over Polyvore, we all love our @brenda-joyce" — @linda-caricofe
  • Red
    "LOVE LOVE LOVE this set, don't you, wow, it's so cool...by @lastchance" — @linda-caricofe
  • Iman
    "what's not to LOVE, WOWOWOWWOOW, by that fabulous set maker, @gaburrus" — @linda-caricofe
  • Model Sgrid Agren
    "There's so many outstanding sets on Polyvore that are never seen, like this one by my friend @flowerchild805 , hopefully, by being in this collection, many will see it and enjoy it" — @linda-caricofe
  • A New Day
    "Yeah, color darling, love it, wear it..set by @adduncan" — @linda-caricofe
  • Hey girlfriends!!!!
    "Look at this, how cool is this, @becksd78 created this set for her friends which also includes me,,,,,this is a treat" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #354
    "HUGE hug to a very dear Poly friend, wonderful to see her today, she is @etaf" — @linda-caricofe
  • ch♥c♥late fantasies
    "Have to say, this is one totally yummy yet, created by the wonderful @psyche8778" — @linda-caricofe
  • I've always wanted to see Ireland
    "This stunning set is by @shape-shifter, I think it is really spectacular !" — @linda-caricofe
  • NYEve
    "This fabulous set is by @tacciani" — @linda-caricofe
  • Calla
    "WOWWOWOWOWOWW, love this set by @aquabunny" — @linda-caricofe
  • A Perfect Night Out #3.
    "outstanding set by @fashionfreakforlife" — @linda-caricofe
  • Christmas Eve
    "this is soo cute, from a wonderful Poly friend for her friends, so happy it includes me :-) by @fluffiness" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled 382
    "sooo beautiful, set is by the wonderful artist, @ceca-66" — @linda-caricofe
  • Color Me
    "the fun of polka dots along with a splash of color...this fab set is by that way cool set maker @marina-diana , you never know what she will come up with next" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #625
    "Here's a Poly friend that I feel like I know for real, she's cool, she's fun and she creates totally fab sets, she's @gaburrus" — @linda-caricofe
  • Gown
    "This is the most perfect set for that amazing dress...set maker is @anne-irene" — @linda-caricofe
  • dress well
    "I LOVE sets that has this look at me bold look. Set maker is @wtushiszofran" — @linda-caricofe
  • beauty and the beast ♥
    "so magical, this set maker creates magical dreamy sets..set maker is @simmaaay , be sure to check this one's page, it's wonderful" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #594
    "I love this kind of set..the set maker is by my wonderful friend @loulynne" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #589
    "Fabulous fashionwith the holidays touch by setmaker @loulynne" — @linda-caricofe
  • 02.12.2012
    "everything in this set is just right..love this..set is by @d-staneva" — @linda-caricofe
  • Living in a Green World...;-)
    "so totally WOW, by @marastyle" — @linda-caricofe


Wrote three years ago
So honoured to see my set in this amazing collection!~❤❤ And thanks for your lovely words!

Wrote three years ago
Thanks Linda, this is a fab collection you have here xx

Wrote three years ago
Thank you for adding my set, Linda! Such a lovely collection and I love the little explanation below each of the sets. Have a great day! xoxo

Wrote three years ago
Thank you so much sweet friend for adding my set to your fantastic collection :))))

Wrote three years ago
Amazing collection ~ thank you Linda! xo❤

Wrote three years ago
TY sweet lady!

Wrote three years ago
Thank you thank you for adding my set!!!! Amazing collection!!!

Wrote three years ago
Absolutely gorgeous collection!!

Wrote three years ago
Great collection, Linda! Thanks for including mine!

Wrote three years ago
Thank you SO MUCH for including my set!! Wonderful collection! Love it!

Wrote three years ago
Aaaww...Thanks for liking my set and including me in this great collection :-)
I'm honored (happy tears). Thank you.

Wrote three years ago
superb, my dear... thanks for including me... !!!

Wrote three years ago
Wonderful collection! Thanks for adding my set!

Wrote three years ago
Girl I didn't know you had some of these sets over here. Thank you so much.

Wrote three years ago
Thanks for adding my set @lindacaricofe!!! :)

Wrote three years ago
Another amazing collection!! Thank you so much for including my set! xoxo

Wrote three years ago
Linda!Thank you ever so much dear for adding my set to this collection.. big love,hugs xoxo your way

Wrote three years ago
Linda, I"m honored that you added my set to this fabulous collection, thank you!

Wrote three years ago
great collection! happy holidays! xx

Wrote three years ago
Thank you sweet Linda, you are so good to all of us!!

Wrote three years ago
Thank you so very much for the honor of being in your cool collection @lindacaricofe u r awesome!!!:)especially appreciate your compliment :-) I learned from the best,from you my friend;)

Wrote three years ago
Thank you so much sweetie for adding me to your wonderful collection :)))

Wrote three years ago
wow.......Thank you soo much for including me in this stunning collection...It means a lot me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Best wishes,my dear Linda!xoxo

Wrote three years ago
So touched , thank you sweetie. : ) Big hugs!

Wrote three years ago
thanks you for including for my set! (:

Wrote three years ago
Thank you my dear Lady Linda for including my set...)))))


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