Okay, so, I can't ignore the usage stats: people have been using the faces that I posted in a set a while back asking if I should make a "faceclaim" category. So... here it is. Because I'm uncomfortable with the idea of importing pictures of people's faces from other sites, I only used existing pictures on Polyvore, so there's a pretty sad lack of diversity. I apologize for that. Like I said, I am not comfortable with clipping images of people's faces from other sites. And lord help me, if any of these pics are of you, my deepest apologies - message me and it will be removed ASAP.
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Gorgeous collection! Thanks for sharing. xx

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Thank you very much for the feedback, @dawn-lindenberg ! It means quite a lot to me. I've always been concerned with the ethics of art and attribution, especially on Polyvore (which has gotten a bad reputation on some sites due to its lack of reliable artist attribution), and that's something I've seriously tried to address in all of my collection-making. I totally agree. There's a lot of "be original" yet a surprising lack of originality - or even credit given where credit is due. I suppose all we can do at times is be models of the best behavior we can. Thank you again for commenting! - Remy :)

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Wonderfullll collection. I appreciate your ethics on posting faces. My morals get kicked up about chopping up other peoples art. The actual artist doesn't have an option to say no. What I felt was the right thing to do was to acknowledge that it's a collage of various artist work. Can't control much more. I do have a problem when someone uses a painting etc...puts a few flowers on it & doesn't give credit to original artist. We Pvorians post be original "cough" That's all I'm gonna say. Signed "give credit" Dawn


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