Kyah! Three sets in three days, who's making progress, here?! Me! Then again, I've been off for the past three days so technically this doesn't count but oh fucking well. 

A name change might happen, but surprisingly enough I like the bio as is. That said... I BRING YOU CHARLIE VALENTINE!! [again]

Name: Charlotte “Charlie” Valentine
Collection: being re-worked as we speak but here it is--
Age: 22
Quote that describes your character: “You had a lot of moments that didn’t last forever.
Now you're in this corner tryna put it together… You had a lot of dreams that transformed to visions.
The fact that you saw the world affected all your decisions”—Lil Wayne
Current City: Bronx, NY
Job/School: Nanny
Style: Laid-back chic. The only thing that she loves more than maxi skirts and dresses is the quintessential jeans and tee combo. Fringe bags are her bag of choice. [Honestly, her style is just anything I want to put in a set/wear. That's the beauty of having a character based off of yourself.]
Bio: Charlie is your typical disenchanted twenty something. She finds herself stuck at a crossroad in her life in which she is being thrust towards maturity, but all the while she is still yearning for playfulness and lack of responsibility of yesteryear. Realistically, the future will come whether she likes it or not and she will eventually /have/ to grow up. However, she is stalling as much as she can. The fact of the matter is that Charlie absolutely abhors seriousness. Serious thoughts, serious talks, serious people, they are all lost on her. For now, she’s perfectly happy with her nanny job. Charlie is sweet and compassionate, particularly with children; so it just makes sense for her to do the nanny thing right now. But she knows that it won’t last forever. She is highly intelligent, but she is shameful of that fact so she constantly plays it down with jokes and sarcasm. Furthermore, she has lots of potential but she's too scared, lazy and complacent to take the next step. Her quick wit and sharp tongue act as her defense mechanism. In her not-so-short life, she has experienced much more grief and heartache than anyone ever should, so her sarcastic, nonchalant nature acts as a shield to protect her from another serious heartache. Maybe one of these days she will let down her guard enough to let someone new in, but that’s highly unlikely…
Model: Karla Deras

Name suggestions? I like Valentine as the last name, but I think I'm done with Charlie. So any help would be much appreciated.
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