Hey!! Guess whoooo...!!! Lol, I'm doing my second set in my new tip series! Hope you guys like it!! :)

O1. People with light eyes have weaker light filters.

O2. Blue eyed people are romantics and dreamers. They constantly dream of true love.

O3. They often live in a fictional world.

O4. Blue eyed people are vulnerable and sensitive, easily offended and they take everything too seriously. [there's a girl in my class, she cries a lot sometimes for stupid reasons.. now i know why.]

O5. People with blue eyes tend to constantly change moods and whims.

O6. Blue eyed people can be cruel.

O7. They are often irritable and explosive.

O8. Blue eyed people are honest, generous, quick to find direction and adapt.

O9. Blue eyed people are charming, emotional and sentimental.

1O. If they hate someone, they will wage a long and protracted war. 

11. They are fearless, often going against the tide, being guided only by their feelings.

12. Blue eyes are typical for artists, inventors and aesthetes.

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