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Kate shook hands with the commercial real estate agent and gathered the packet of papers that would need to be looked over by a lawyer. She quickly jotted down a note to find a paralegal in town in her phone as she walked out of the building. She checked her cell, and let out a small curse. It was already 2:50 and she was downtown. There was no way to go home and change before meeting up with Anna at the local starbucks. Her suit may be a tad bit overdressed for coffee but she'd have to just go with it. Hopping into her Lexus SUV, she sped off.

Walking up to the doors of the shop, Kate suddenly became really nervous about seeing people from her past. In high school, kate was more of a slacker/druggie/party person, and although she still loved to drink, the rest of her has changed. She hoped people would see that, and not think of her in a negative way anymore. The inside was quite cool as she slid her sunglasses on her head. It wasn't that busy so Kate was able to spot Anna rather quickly. Even though she already saw her, Anna waved anyways, motioning her to come over.

"Kate! You look great.. gosh, its been like forever since graduation and such"

Kate smiled, "Yeah well, time flies when you're married and have a kid as well..." she shrugged jokingly.

"Oh yeah, so how is the husband and the daughter? Oh what are their names, first off?" Anna took a sip of her coffee.

"Well Aaron and Elle are both great, keeping me busy and such"

Anna looked once over Kate's ensemble before raising an eyebrow, "Most moms sure don't dress the way you do...whats the get up for?"

Kate's face flushed, "I had a business meeting right before this and I didn't have time to change..."

"Oh what do you do for a living?"

"Well nothing yet, but I plan on building up my resume with some major changes.." Kate replied secretively

Anna nodded and took another sip of her coffee while Kate sent a quick text.

Looking up from her phone, "So how about you? It seems like everyone from our class is pregnant, we must have been the most fertile senior class ever.." Kate chuckled at her own comment. 

Anna laughed heartily, "Well I have a son, Noah, love him. And my husband teaches english so thats going on... gosh nothing really else is worth mentioning.."

"Well you should figure out some more talking points by friday because I'm sure everyone will want to know every single detail of your life" Kate rolled her eyes but was smiling.

Anna and Kate chatted for a little while longer before she had to go start her shift as a waitress and Kate had to go home to Elle.
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