24th November 2013
This was my final piece and the theme was "identity". 
Little story that was inspired by the set: 

The memories flashed over and over, sometimes they were so fast they merged together, other times they slowed down to a pace where I could almost describe each of them in detail.

I curled my body close to me, it's ending. I could feel it. My life was ending. Four words I couldn't get past my lips because I didn't want it to be true. Not yet. not now.

The grains of sand dig into my body. The only warmth comes from this candle; only its burning out, just like my life. Bitter laughter makes its way past my lips. 
The warm winters and the cold summers filtered through my memories; what an odd contradiction. nature sure was funny, I mused.

The sun feels hot against my skin but the breeze cools it down. Mama took me to the beach. I remember, in the summer, the lake at sunset where if you looked hard enough you'd see the water reflecting purple. It was magical. Playing hide and seek with my friends in the woods behind the park as the leaves slowly dropped off. Trying to climb a snowy hill and pretending it was a mountain and feeling so proud. 
Then all that is left is a clock – ticking away as if it has nothing better to do. The memories surely go blurry around the edges. The memories all fade away into nothing but the clock remains. 

The candle disappears, left in its place is a lonely flower. I pick it up and as soon as I do an orange butterfly appears from within the flower, beckoning me towards the gateway. As I comply, a navy blue dress clothes me.

- Kay
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