Fae warriors and familiars stylin'

prepping 4 cocktailing at the pre-party , VVVIP, in Dragondropland of the SideSlippeds after hard days of questing and warrioring!
A huge event!!!....
though not all of the familiars are so thrilled with the upcoming chaos and some are resisting!!... They're just glad 2 be breathing still!!!!...
the members of this full company of 200, the Super Fae, are coming 2 be honored!...
who arrives is who's alive!!....
all are eager 2 meet old frienemys (all female, U know!) & see who accomplished their quest.
Every task was different & every 1 vital 2 the continued existence of the entire Side Slipped galaxy....
only the finest will be worn & magnificent quarters are being prepared for the homecoming heroes....((as always, the familiars will definitely be a major prob!! and the shapeshifter's.....OMG!!!))
The ruler of the SideSlipped galaxy & the home world/capitol, Dragondropland, the Grhaayt Nhaanhuu, legendary dragon queen
will be there, herself, 2 bestow honors/untold wealth & choose her ultimate champion in the wars ahead.

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