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i'm back home right now - after sleeping off the jet lag for a bit (like 5hours, harhar!!). i hate budget airlines. i spent 2-half hours listening in to different conversations of various languages during the flight. and when the plane landed i thought i was going to die. 


anyways ... wow, polyvore's new editor is actually really good! i like that i can find items by colors now. i tried making a new set then realize i have this in my draft - so why waste time and energy right? hoo hoo...

and yes, yes, i miss all of you. like many many lots! (that's how one of the girls in my office speaks, and i find it so adorable i can't help repeating after her, /bricked!) the first thing that i look forward to is to catch up with all the MMN stories! just read though. i don't think i have the time to write anymore. then again i keep saying things that i don't necessarily do so ... (;

oh! i saw the .gifs and stills and comments for GG's final 2 episode. i'm sorry but it's so lulzy. DAN IS GG?!?! WHAT?!?! DID THE WRITERS BUMP THEIR HEADS OR SOMETHING??! THEY MUST REALLY HATE DAN.

but mini-Chuck is adorable. though he'll probably grow up to be evil. and i somehow thought about how it'll be if Cam and Rob actually got married and procreate ... lol! the last ep of GG totally made me think of MMN. i can't help it, really.

... oh, yeah. not sure if anyone cared enough. but i 'befriend' a very cute expat in bangkok. he's french. dark hair, blue eyes. MELTS. we met at the bar i mentioned in my last post. LOL! we're just friends though. a word of advise from a local colleague: never trust the expat. /bricked. 

i need to go (last minute) christmas shopping tomorrow. ergh. i hate the rush and the crowd and the rush and the limited items available. have i mentioned the rush?! but at least i won't be flying back to bangkok till the second week of the new year. WOOHOO!! 

so more poly time.
and stable internet connection.
and food. i miss local food... sobs.

now i shall go and indulge myself in some MMN goodness, hoo hoo (; 

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