Last night I did my Shakespeare performance!
Btw, I know The Beatles are so not Shakespeare, but we did Shakespeare 60's style! ;)
For all those that know, it went great guys!
For all those that don't, I was Helena in a midsummer nights dream for a Shakespeare festival. We practiced like everyday for ages! We did it last night and guys, it went great!<3
A midsummer nights dream is a play written by Shakespear, it is about four starcrossed lovers. 
Hermia, daughter of Egeus, is in love with a young man called Lysander, but she has been betrothed to Demitrius and Egeus is not happy. Helena is in love with Demetrius but he loves Hermia. Not so far away, is the magical land of fairies, Oberon the king of faires and Titania the queen. Titania is witholding a child from Oberon as she wants to raise him like a son but Oberon wants this not to happen. Puck is sent to trick titania and as Oberon see's the troubles Helena has with Demitrus he pities her and and gets puck to place love jusice on their eyes...

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Wrote three years ago
@wambliwakan thank you so much!<3

Wrote three years ago
ooh love it! so glad your performance went well! brava!

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