pardon the shoddy set. i literally made it in 20 minutes. the layering fillers bothers me because they're not all the proper shade of orange. i need to stop being so anal.
lancaster academy is your normal, everyday boarding school where the wealthy deposit their bratty kids for nine months out of the year. or is it? founded by seven good friends in the late 1700s, lancaster is truly more special than it seems to the average eye. for those seven founders were the blackest of all sinners, and with their eventual deaths, the sin each of them carried seeped into the school, and left its mark. today, lancaster seems ordinary to all except those who are lucky enough to be its students. because even now, hundreds of years after its conception, lancaster is still home to the biggest bunch of sinners a school could ever see. they are the founders' legacy, their finest achievement. divided from the moment they enter campus into their respective sin, every student that is privileged enough to walk through lancaster's doors is a sinner of the highest degree. and if they weren't before, then leave it to lancaster to ensure that by the time they leave they exemplify their sin to the very best. what's in the blood comes out in the flesh, and once the sin is out, there's no reigning it back in.
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