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Fairy Tale Challenge *SYMBOLS OF THE SEASON*

So I know there are other fairy tale groups out there, but I thought maybe I'd adapt the "challenge" idea to fairy tales. Once we have enough people, I'd love to have contests! Like my other groups, the sets in this group can be very broad. If your set reminds you of a fairy tale, but you don't know which one specifically, submit it anyway! The challenge part is really just in case you need inspiration. I know I do sometimes. If you don't know the tales in the challenge and don't feel like looking them up, feel free to just make a set that reminds you of the title. You can also submit sets based on the Disney versions of tales or any other sort of version. Any fairy-tale like set is perfectly acceptable. Both art and fashion sets are welcome! Have fun and let me know if you have any requests! ~SHORTENED AND REVAMPED THE CHALLENGE!~ 1. The Adventures of Pinocchio [CONTEST COMPLETE Jun. 18, 2011 WINNERS: 1st Dr. B Magik, PhD Polyvoyerism 2nd Emmy127 3rd katfaerie 4th Psiche Olga (101 DALMATIANS) 5th katfaerie 6th Dr. B Magik, PhD Polyvoyerism CONGRATS!] 2. Alice in Wonderland [CONTEST COMPLETE Mar. 17, 2010 WINNERS: 1st cindyfaye 2nd jilbert 3rd Lisa Tran *busy 4 the next 4mths 4th Vampire!!B-Day 27th August 5th cindyfaye 6th » s.l.y.t.h.e.r.i.n.s 7th Fairytale Belle 8th cwinter3 CONGRATS!] 3. Beauty and the Beast [CONTEST COMPLETE Jan. 4, 2010 WINNERS: 1st beautyangel 2nd GreenMyEyes (so far behind...) 3rd Bisque 4th angie1972 5th sylphide (Happy New Year!!!) 6th cwinter3 7th angelinglass 8th cwinter3 9th beautyangel 10th cwinter3 11th adudka1993 12th freespirit28 CONGRATS!] 4. Cinderella [CONTEST COMPLETE Jan. 27, 2010 WINNERS: 1st Somatra Moroi 2nd sylphide 3rd KIMS_IDEAS 4th jilbert 5th Lysander75 - NEW GROUP GRAVEYARD 6th Romantic Daydreamer 7th ♥✩Cinole✩♥ 8th jam.cheer 9th adudka1993 10th peaceful1 (insane1) 11th adudka1993 12th sylphide CONGRATS!] 5. The Frog Prince (Der Froschkönig oder der eiserne Heinrich) 6. Goldilocks and the Three Bears http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldilocks [CONTEST COMPLETE Mar. 3, 2011 WINNERS: 1st VictoriaJayne 2nd { Calista } 3rd Mim Jersey 4th moogymoo 5th Eventyrdamen 6th Eventyrdamen 7th ninigreen 8th ninigreen 9th Mim Jersey CONGRATS!] 7. Hansel and Gretel [CONTEST COMPLETE Aug. 24, 2011 WINNERS: 1st paigeisawesome 2nd paigeisawesome 3rd sylviamccordle 4th psyche8778 5th psyche8778 CONGRATS!] 8. Jack and the Beanstalk (Hans und die Bohnenranke) [CONTEST COMPLETE Nov. 14, 2010 WINNERS:1st teethybitey ridiculousness 2nd Engreida 3rd beggarmagik- Puttin' on the Ritz CONGRATS!] 9. King Arthur/Camelot/Arthurian Legend (Artus) [CONTEST COMPLETE Aug. 4, 2010 WINNERS: 1st angie1972 2nd Olgica Q 3rd Olgica Q 4th jilbert 5th angie1972 CONGRATS!] 10. The Little Mermaid [CONTEST COMPLETE Jan. 15, 2010 WINNERS: 1st Etteniotna 2nd adudka1993 3rd Etteniotna 4th мeмa 5th cindyfaye-please join our forum 6th MysticIris 7th adudka1993 8th jilbert 9th cwinter3 10th Somatra Moroi 11th τhε £iττℓε Mεrɱαîd 12th Victorianvelvet CONGRATS!] 11. Little Red Riding Hood (Rotkäppchen) [CONTEST COMPLETE Feb. 21, 2010 WINNERS: 1st cindyfaye-please join our forum 2nd Etteniotna 3rd Etteniotna 4th Корицева 5th lastchance 6th pottybaglady 7th angie1972 8th pottybaglady 9th cindyfaye-please join our forum 10th jilbert CONGRATS!] 12. Peter Pan [CONTEST COMPLETE Oct. 6, 2010 WINNERS: 1st Tabitha Sue 2nd thefeinwoman 3rd Kania Puspitahati-AWAY/tag break 4th Annamaria1693 5th thefeinwoman 6th BebeD 7th Somatra Moroi 8th Tabitha Sue 9th oceanicinsomniac 10th *☆ↁℛℯ⍺ℳ§⌶ɴℱ⍺ɨℛყՇ⍺ℒℯ§☆* 11th ∙:๑єรรเє๑:∙ 12th Vetinari's girl CONGRATS!] 13. The Princess and the Pea (Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse) [CONTEST COMPLETE Apr. 20, 2011 WINNERS: 1st elfflame 2nd EllaThrasha 3rd Maryanne Busuttil - B'd 4Apr 4th BebeD 5th urbanwhimsy 6th Eventyrdamen 7th Psiche Olga (Lady and the Tramp) 8th BullyGrrl 9th Mim Jersey CONGRATS!] 14. Rapunzel 15. Sleeping Beauty [CONTEST COMPLETE May 30, 2010 WINNERS: 1st katfaerie 2nd GreenMyEyes 3rd DreamsInFairytales CONGRATS!] 16. Snow White [CONTEST COMPLETE April 15, 2010 WINNERS: 1st *Alessia* 2nd cwinter3 3rd cwinter3 4th SarahBug 5th oceanicinsomniac 6th jetbac 7th Olgica Q 8th A N D R E A 9th jilbert ... retired!!! 10th angelinglass 11th cindyfaye 12th MysticIris CONGRATS!] 17. Thumbelina http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thumbelina [CONTEST COMPLETE September 2, 2010 WINNERS: 1st Zoella 2nd morakimu2002 3rd BebeD (BDAY-SEP 6) 4th A N D R E A 5th amra somniferum 6th BebeD (BDAY-SEP 6) 7th cindyfaye - working long hours 8th amra somniferum 9th Darien Lovley-Wert 10th Thea Maia - www.maia-arts.com 11th cindyfaye - working long hours 12th cindyfaye - working long hours] 18. Twelve Dancing Princesses (Die zertanzten Schuhe) [CONTEST COMPLETE July 11, 2010 WINNERS: 1st katfaerie (on a break) 2nd jilbert 3rd GreenMyEyes 4th katfaerie (on a break) 5th jilbert 6th cindyfaye - catching up 7th Firieth 8th teethybitey ridiculousness 9th katfaerie (on a break) 10th GreenMyEyes 11th jjjccc333 12th cindyfaye - catching up CONGRATS!] 19. The Ugly Duckling (Das hässliche Entlein) 20. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz [CONTEST COMPLETE June 9, 2010 WINNERS: 1st cindyfaye - catching up 2nd jilbert 3rd persimmondeb 4th jetblac 5th jetblac 6th angie1972 7th amra somniferum 8th BebeD 9th jetblac 10th Romantic Daydreamer 11th SugarSkull... 12th jam.cheer CONGRATS!] If and when you complete the challenge, let me know, and I'll post the collection for all to admire! Let me know if you have any requests and/or questions. Have fun! My complete collection for ideas: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=354030
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