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Could you guess his name in three nights? Perhaps you'd guess Wash? Or maybe Alpha? Or maybe you already know his name...

It is because of his amazing performances as Alpha in the Joss Whedon television show "Dollhouse" that I cast Alan Tudyk as Rumpelstiltskin. 

Robert Carlyle is doing an amazing job as this fairy tale character as well as his "real world" alter ego, Mr. Gold in "Once Upon a Time," so it takes some imagination to picture anyone else in the role. 

I considered a few actors briefly, but the adorable Tudyk can do funny, crazed, wacky, sarcastic, charming, sinister and downright terrifying...often within just a few sentences of dialogue! So, while he may not immediately look on the surface impish, as Rumpelstiltskin is described, appearances can be deceiving. Plus, his slightly off-kilter characters' fashion statements meant he could handle a wardrobe with a breath of whimsy (right down to the intentionally blank ID bracelet).

After looking for several clever musical accompaniments (liked the lyrics, didn't like the songs), I decided to go with a classical work. Märchenbilder or Fairy Tale Pictures, for Viola and Piano, Op. 113, was written by Robert Schumann in March 1851. The third movement, Rasch, I've learned was inspired by the Grimm fairy tale. 

The Fairy Tale Dreamcast Challenge
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