Neither too young, nor too old--Elle Fanning is the young blonde actress just right to portray a lonely Goldie Locks in a new interpretation of The Story of the Three Bears. 

Perhaps this version is about Goldie, the daughter of a land developer who is plowing down the forest where the fabled bears live to put up a mixed-use center (townhouses, condos, shopping and restaurants). One day waiting for her father to finish up at his job site, she wanders off. Just outside the demolition/construction zone, she comes upon a family of bears, who are walking, pacing and running--frightened by the invasion of men, machinery and earth movers. 

Gaining their trust, she keeps returning to their home and observes how urban sprawl is wreaking havoc on the bears' world. Usurping their habitat, polluting their water and eliminating their sources of food. 

(Yes, I like this direction.) 

Maybe Goldie tries to convince her father that they don't need to build there. Ignored, she vows to live with the bears--sleeping where they sleep and eating what they eat until changes are made. The media gets wind of her story and runs with it. Others join her in occupying the forest. Will their efforts be a force for change? Can a daughter's love of nature and wildlife open the eyes of her all-business dad?

The Fairy Tale Dreamcast Challenge
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