Tale has many version all over Europe, the best known version is ofcourse from the brothers grimm, though they collected this around 200 years after the first version was told (if not more)

Is there anybody out there that doesn't know the story of Hansel and Gretel? Probably everybody, but just to be on the safe side lets give a summary anyway.

These 2 children where the children of a poor woodcutter, who one day along with the stepmother came up with a plan to leave his children in the woods since he couldn't feed them anymore. Normally people whould give there last crumb to their children first, but then fairytales are full of bad parents. Luckily though the children are awake and heard of the plan, so just to be on the safe side Hansel has filled his pockets with pebbles. On the next day he uses these dropped pebbles to find his way home again. His father is happy to see them but the stepmother ofcourse is not. A few months later the foodrashions are low again so they plan to dump the children again. Again they are awake but this time Hansel can't find any pebbles, so they must leave a breadcumbs. Sadly however the birds behind them also like bread and so the children are truly lost. On the 3th day they follow a bird to a house made of bread, biscuits and sugar. Being children they don't know that this is too good to be true.

In this house lives a witch (as tends to be the habit) and she lures the children in with the promise of good beds and more food. Soon however she has Hansel locked in a cage so she can fatten him and eat him (what is it with people in fairytales wanting to eat children?). Gretel can be her slave. Weeks on end she tries to fatten Hansel but when feeling his finger (she is blind she can't see him) she sees that he is still so thin. That would be because he gives her a bone to feel and not his finger. Soon though the witch looses patience and tells Gretel to boil water and heat the oven. The sister also knows that is about to happen and stalls, while asking the witch how to put bread in the oven. When showing her how its done Gretel pushes her in the oven so she can burn to crisp (what do they say about Karma?) Anyway after searching the place the conveniently find diamants, gold and the like. Because that is obviously something everyone has lying around. 

Taking all of these with them they go home again, it must have taken them long enough since their stepmother had equally conveniently dropped death herself and papa was again happy to see them.

They were rich now and lived happily ever after.

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