From the pen of the Grimm brothers included in their first fairytale volume of 1812. Other versions exist throughout Europe but this one is more or less the earliest. Anyway here is König Drosselbart.

Anyway meet princess charming (you know the one that gets a pony for her birthday and insists it should really have been a unicorn) this sweetheart is a demanding thing. Papa has all the best suitors parading in front of her but again she has a perfection is not good enough for me moment. So fastforward to king thrushbeard. Again living a palace, wants to marry her, is into her and has a crown. Yet she doesn't like the looks of his beard and off he goes. Now papa has had it since king thrushbeard is one in a very long line of men that got rejected. It is time for action. He will marry her of to the first man that enters his palace (an alarming prospect since during that time anyone could come an petition the king for something or sell something) So the next day is D day, the princesses new husband arrives. A poor minstrel, now ofcourse as a minstrels wife she couldn't live in a palace and so they were on their way. Each time when they arrived at a beautiful forrest, meadow, town she asked who owned it and surprise surprise king Thrushbeard happened to be the lucky owner. She ofcourse complained that she should afterall have taken him which didn't sit well with her husband. When they came to his home she asked who would own such a hovel and to her horror the answer was we do. And worse there were no servants and so she had to manage the household and work (for some reason she could not do either at all) however one needs to live and in the end she got a job in the kitchens of king thrushbeard (just a little bit embarrasing that) He was about the celebrate his wedding, she ofcourse wanted the earth to swallow her. When on the way back she ran into a fine prince and being generous as he was he was willing to dance with her. It was her rejected king Thrushbeard. When he took her into the ballroom the string for her pockets broke and all the scraps and soup fell to the floor. Ofcourse this was too much for the now humbled princess and she ran for it. King Thrushbeard came after her and then told her of his trick. He was the minstrel and all her difficulties these past new months were to humble her. He loved her (why if she treated him so badly, but oh well thats fairytales for you) but could not take insults like that. Thats why he made her life so hard. All was forgiven now though and she suddenly found it in her to love him for his selfrespect and they went of the celebrate their wedding.

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Wrote three years ago
How things haven't changed. Ha this story reminds me of some of the princesses (aka teens) today. Maybe we need a King to play a trick and teach them some wisdom. Pretty set. ❤



Sets with a story

Sets with a story

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