Well, This is a story I'm writing, and I wanted to add it... obviously names have been changed and stuff... only thing is, I changed the names only after so I hope I didn't forget some.... Tell me what you think! and if i should continue posting it??


Chapter 1

 I was starting French lessons in the center of Rome when I met Luigi. The big portone wouldn’t open for me and I had already smoked three Marlboro reds by the time this tall, blond, blue-eyed guy came strolling by and stopped by it as well. He was talking on his phone, which looked pretty broken, all wrapped in tape and whatnot. He got off and looked at me then the door a coupe of times before asking casually, “Closed again?”
 I just nodded, and lighted another cigarette. After a pause though, I said, “I’ve been here at least half an hour.”
 He nodded, scrunching his mouth to one side, then checked on his wrist watch and said, “Well it’s cause it’s early.”
 I looked at the screen of my own cell phone and, well, he was right. It was one thirty. The teachers didn’t enter until two, and they were the ones who opened the doors to let us in. I sighed, “Damn.”
 The tall guy held out a hand, “I’m Luigi. Luigi Nostro.”
 I straightened up and shook it, “I’m Lucrezia.” Then I realized, “Hey! I know another guy with the last name Nostro!”
 He quirked an eyebrow, “Really?”
 “Yeah, his name is Michele… well, we all call him 'Nostro' though, cause it’s such a cool last name you know, and all the teachers call him that so…” And now I was rambling. Yup. Those are my great first impressions.
 But lucky for me, the guy was decent enough to just let out chuckle. He then threw his thumb behind him, towards this bar across the tiny, busy street. The school is right on the other side of Piazza Navona so there is always a lot of tourists, buses and just general chaos. “How about a coffee while we wait for the doors to open?”
 It sounded good to me, so I agreed, even though I had been planning on having one of the forty-cent ones that the academy offered, seeing as they charge you like hell here in the center. Anyways, we went and, our coffees arrived, he said, “Well, just so you know, Michele is my cousin.”
 My eyes went wide then I took a good look at him. The blond hair, tall, thin, and just… the overall structure. He did kind of resemble an older, kind-of version of Nostro. Michele. Well, I guessed I’d have to start calling him that now since I knew two Nostros now. But that was going to be hard since I also knew another Michele… though we just called that other one Paris because, well, that’s a cool last name too and all the teachers called that Michele by his last name as well. 
 “Which means…” He continued, finishing his coffee, “That you must go to Tre Alti.”
 I nodded, “That’s the school.” I smiled.
 “And I have definitely heard about you.” He didn’t say it in a creepy way. He even gave a cute smile.
 I blushed, though, of course, “Yeah?” I squeaked, quickly finishing my own coffee. 
 He nodded and we headed out of the bar, “Yeah, you’re the one that moved from Canada a couple of years ago right?”
 “Last year, yeah… I moved back though. I’m Italian. I was born here.” I always felt the need to make that perfectly clear with everyone. I was Italian. Born and bred. Well, my dad is from Serbia, but he speaks perfect Italian and he always said he considers himself much more Italian than Serbian. 
 He nodded. “Well, it’s good to finally meet you, Lucrezia.”
 Now I blushed harder, “What exactly have you heard?”
 I was going to kill those boys.
 He shrugged playfully, “Just the usually things boys say.”
 No, no. I was going to massacre them.
 I guess he noticed my expression, even though we were crossing the street, because he patted my back lightly, laughing. “Don’t worry, I’m only joking. They haven’t said anything vulgar or mean about you.”
 I sighed, still unsure. “Okay…” I raised an eyebrow, worried.
 He gave me a brilliant smile and reassured me again. That time I believed him and when we got to the doors for the second time, they were open.
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