by Lizzie

Let me start off by saying that I want that girl's red shorts(: SO!!! Let's start off by doing a scenario;; you're doing your bts shopping, and you got all of last season's clothes!! Then you look silly the whooole school year. And how do you prevent that from happening?? Well, for starters, read on!!! ((PS...that would never happen, ladies! Everyone loves youu no matter what you wear!! xx))


Metallics are adorable!!! (example? Girl on the left in the sett) They're really glam, and you can get them in like any form of clothing and look great♥
HOW TO WEAR; the best forms of metallic clothing aree harem pants or skinny jeans//jeggings, bodycon skirts, blazers, high-waisted shorts (example in the red shorts in the sett) and NAIL POLISH!!! So, if you're not wanting the whole "eyes-on-me-cuz-im-wearing-shiny-clothes" effect, go for the nail polish. Subtle. Fashionable. Adorable.
WHERE TO WEAR; anywhere. Literally. This is like one of the most wearable trends, because you can majorly dress up a silver skirt, or pair it with a loose cropped sweater and sneakers and wear it to school♥ Get creative and have fun((:
OTHER TiPS; My favorite metallic clothing colors are gold and silver (duh. The classics!!), a shimmery gunmetal color, and red. Don't take my word for it though...wear whatever the heck you want in metallics!!! Yall can make it work no matter what♥


Lace was a major trend for the summer, so don't put away your lace shorts yet(: They can be turned into a fall piece just by wearing like a white lace item with other creamy neutrals. Also, you can make some of your own lace pieces...I'll add the links at the bottom of the set to our DiYs about making lace clothes yourself♥
HOW TO WEAR; I love lace in the form of shorts. Short shorts. They look adorable, girly, and clean...what's not to love? Annyways, lace can also look good in the form of a sheer top, and you can wear a tank underneath for school, or wear it to the pool with your bikini underneath as a coverup
WHERE TO WEAR; Like I said above, school or pool would work perfectly!! you could dress it up and wear it out on a date or even add boho pieces and wear it to a SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVALL!!! Sorry...those get me really excited(:
OTHER TiPS; Make sure if you're wearing lace you don't overpower it with like ten million different textures...keep it simple, like with a smoother fabric (sorry, chunky sweaters!) aand minimal jewelry If you do choose to wear jewelry, make sure it's simple and the lace itself!!

denim on denim on denim on denim...♥

Yup. Mixing different washes of denim is really cute and relaxed-looking. ((example? That is a denim romper on the girl on the right in the set, isn't it?)) (:

HOW TO WEAR; Essentially, get a denim top and denim bottoms..yep! If you don't want to go full out denim, and nothing but denim, a jean jacket//vest and jean shorts with a top on underneath kind of breaks up the denim♥ I recommend mixing different washes so it doesn't look like you're wearing a denim-type jumpsuit, though. Also, a nice simple white sandal makes it all look clean and effortless
WHERE TO WEAR; Anywhere. It's basically one of those things that can be dressed up or down!!! Enjoy
OTHER TiPS; if you're doing a denim button-down as your top, try unbuttoning the last few bottom buttons and tie the two sides'll look super cute and pulled together


So!! Tribal is really big, and it showed up in a lot of this summer's fashions, so you should be good to go with this trend already if tribal has been your thing!!! This print is really good, because you can use a million different tribal patterns, and it'll still look put together because tribal generally comes in the same colors. 

HOW TO WEAR; I would say either be bold and use a bunch of different tribal print pieces (with some solid colors too--for example, tribal t-shirt tucked into a tribal skirt, add a solid tank top underneath, or a solid jacket) or one tribal piece. Wearing only one tribal pattern makes it harder to look like tribal threw up on your clothes(: 
WHERE TO WEAR; A casual party, school, the beach...anywhere on the casual-er side, unless you dress it up with a skirt, high-up wedges, and lotsa jewelry...or something along those lines.
OTHER TiPS; To avoid looking like a tribal-print bomb went off, make sure, like I said before, you use some solid colors. Also, you can make sure you stick to the same colors. Like, don't have one red, teal, orange, and green print and then another with like navy, pink, brown, and whatever. that's what makes this trend unsuccessful sometimes :)

Lace DiY's; - DiY lace jeans - DiY lace pocket shorts

So!! These are the trends, basically...and if you want any HTW tips on any of these, comment below!!!! 


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