Now here is one of those trendy Bohemian print dresses we've heard so much about...and in autumn colors to boot! (Also two boots, but we'll get there in a second). 

I still paired it with denim--it is one of the few dress styles (and lengths) that I like to see over a pair of skinny jeans. Dainty gold jewelry plays up the feminine charms of this outfit while the orange faux leather (PU) hobo bag--keying off the subtler hues in the dress--adds a sense of energy to the ensemble. 

Two different styles of western-ish vegan boots--one in faux suede and the other faux leather (offered in both light and dark fall shades)--give credence to the fashionable idea that something fun is afoot. 

Finally, pick a nail color--any of this autumnal hues will due.

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