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According to Glamour, it IS okay to wear white after Labor Day. This trendy fashion focuses on white dresses with thin black belts. 

Belts can be a big challenge for vegan fashionistas, although it is much easier to find non-leather or suede belts if you're a woman versus a man. Similarly, because of the wide variety of women's fashions--finding vegan shoes, boots and bags is often less difficult for the fairer sex. A large portion of men's briefcases are produced in leather while women can find leather-look laptop bags, satchels, messenger bags and briefcases in stores and online.

A favorite outer layer is a tailored-looking jeans jacket. Casual due to its denim fabric, darker shades and clean lines can make the layer look more upscale--fitting into variety of settings depending on whether the jacket and/or outfit is dressed up or down. 

Rolled up cuffs leave lots of room for metallic but not overly glitzy bangles and nail colors can be pale, neutral or complement a fabulous non-silk scarf.

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