The Fall Collection :)(:

The Top Sixty-Three Sets! :)(:
Great Job you guys!!!
Every set in this collection is amazing and all the fall sets that are made in polyvore are amazing as well!!!
This collection is mostly made for the fall season for October and November.
Sorry I did this collection so late, I wanted to get the Back to School Fashion Collection out the way.
Hope you like the Collection you guys :)(:
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Wrote one year ago
@alena-marie-lynch You are so welcome bestie! @mponte Thank you so much and ur welcome!!! :)(:

Wrote one year ago
Great collection!! Thanks!!

Wrote one year ago
Aww (: Thank you, bestie

Wrote one year ago
@carmoza A big kiss to you too :D I'm glad you love the collection and ur welcome. @nanybuz91 Well i am glad this is your first time seing your sets in a collection, I am very happy that you love it :)(: Luv u both! -Elisha Marie

Wrote one year ago
thanks for adding 2 of my sets in your collection
it is my first time for someone to use my outfits in their collection
very happy ,,,,
thanks liliemc

Wrote one year ago
What a wonderful collection, I was very happy to see one of my sets .......... much, thank you! A big kiss.

Wrote one year ago
@locohumor, @kjkd, @mars-phoenix All of you guys are so welcome, I'm glad you all love the collection :D

Wrote one year ago
aw thank you so much! it's an honor! (:

Wrote one year ago
Thanks for adding my set to this fun collection!

Wrote one year ago
Great Coleccion!! Thanks for adding my sets:3


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