Coffee&Cakes [fall/winter edition]

Myungsoo’s POV

It was sunny afternoon; a bit windy but I didn’t mind it at all. It was a day without any schedule for me, so even with thunders and heavy rain it would be perfect.

I wandered around busy streets of Seoul, and everytime I noticed something interesting I pulled out a camera from my backpack to take a photo of it.

Taking photos was my way to relief stress, and with such busy life I needed it desperately. 

Wandering like that, in casual clothes and without make up, doing whatever I wanted, I wasn’t L anymore, but ordinary Kim Myungsoo. And I liked it a lot.

I headed to more tourist part of the city, where you could find Western type restaurants. Among tourists, a boy with camera was even more invisible – everyone were taking photos and I could easily blend in the crowd.

While I was taking a photo of interesting signboard above entrance to one of cafes, presenting a red rose covered with snow, I noticed little white snowflakes floating around me.

I gasp in surprise; snow so early? That was something unusual.

I immersed into it, trying to capture little snowflakes; my camera kept focusing on background, making white snowflakes blurry. 

Finally I found my perfect shot; I bent one of my knees to catch better angle; floating snow looked incredible on red background and I was proud of myself for being able to take such photo. Smiling to myself I looked above my camera, and realized that the red background was actually someone’s sweater. I felt embarrassed for zooming my camera at girl’s chest, and using it as a background.

Fortunately, she wasn’t looking at me, and I hoped she didn’t notice I was photographing her – or rather part of her.

I hurriedly inserted the camera back in my backpack, with intention to quickly disappear. When I was about to move, the girl got up, and without a word placed a folded piece of paper in my hand and passed me.

When I turned around to look at her, she had already disappeared in colorful crowd of people.

I started at the paper, unsure what should I do. What if her number was written there? Would I call her?

Narrator’s POV

“Are my cheeks still burning?” Alice asked touching her face with cold hands.
“Ne.” Her friend nodded over counter. “Your break is over so come back to the kitchen; you can tell me what happened there.

Where the two females where back in the kitchen, Alice relaxed. Familiar smell of baked cupcakes always relaxed her. 

She grabbed her apron and started cleaning, while the other female was preparing another dough.
“So? “
“I’m so stupid!” Alice sighed. “You won’t believe what I’ve done!
Some handsome – really handsome – guy was taking photos of me..”
“Weird stalker?”
“Rather ordinary Korean. Aren’t you used to be an attraction?” Alice smiled; both females were foreign and they often caught attention of local people.
“You’re right.” The female nodded.
“He was soo handsome that it flattered me; so driven by some stupid urge I gave him…”
 Myungsoo looked once again at opened paper; was it some riddle?

Instead of numbers he predicted to see, there were two words written in English.

‘Blowup Antonioni’

Myungsoo tilted his head, trying to guess what that meant. Maybe it was some curse? Or her name?

He decided it was high time to turn into modern ‘Sherlock’ – and google it. 미켈란젤로 안토니오니, Michelangelo Antonioni, Italian director. And Blowup was nothing else than his movie.

Curious what that ment, Myungsoo rented the movie before going back to his dorm.

“You gave him a movie title?” 
Alice nodded, knowing how silly it sounded.
“Then I must agree with you: you’re stupid!” The female laughed and threw some flour at her friend’s direction. “You should give him, I don’t know, you’re email address, or something.”
“I know!” Alice sighed. “Now I’ll never see him again. And he looked so cute.”
That’s a clue, the movie is a clue. 

Myungsoo watched it carefully and quickly understand, that next clue were photos. He smiled to himself when he was copying photos from his camera to the computer. 

He would probably quickly forgot about the girl if not ‘the game’ she was playing with him; instead of directly giving him a phone number she wanted him to find her. Or at least this is how Myungsoo understood it.

The movie about a photographer who accidentally takes a photo, and after zooming it to see all the details noticed it can be a photo of the killing.

Myungsoo searched through his photos, and surprised found out one photo that was focused on ‘red background’ instead of snowflakes; in that photo the girl was posing! She was looking straight into camera and biting her finger in a pose showing both shy and seducing side of her.

‘How could I not noticed a girl posing for me?’ He asked himself, feeling stupid. He stared at the photo, observing only the girl. She was a foreigner; she had on white shirt, red sweater and pair of denim shorts; there wasn’t any bag around her except a paper one with some sign on it; maybe she was having her lunch inside?

After some time Myungsoo gave up; she probably was just passing there; she was probably a tourist and he will never meet her again.

Next day, Myungsoo couldn’t fight with curiosity and opened the file with photo again; zoomed it more than the previous day when he focused only on the girl;

And that was a good move.

He noticed two very important details;
A book, 영화의 역사, history of a film. Since the title was in Korean, Myungsoo assumed she was fluent enough to read in his language. She could be exchange student.

The other detail was a sign on paper bag; a rose covered with snow.

Myungsoo stood in front of Winter Rose, Western style cafeteria. He hesitated before going inside: it was the same place where he was the day before, the bench in front of café was the same on which the girl sat. 

He peeked inside and noticed her cleaning one of the tables; he smiled to himself; she hadn’t disappeared in the crowd the day before, she just stepped into Winter Rose.

Okay, I have two other RPs to update, and that some of us haven't finished summer edition of C&C, but:

1. I don't feel like writing for EPIK and Runway right now [though I have ideas for those RPs; it will just take me more time and energy to write them down]
2. I miss C&C
3. I miss roleplaying as one of my biases
4. I don't expect anyone join fall/winter edition of C&C but I won't mind if someone want to (and I would be more than happy to collaborate with someone^^)

So, to satisfy my desire to write about 'myself' (Alice; I just like this name so much:P) and Myungsoo, I present this chapter and hope you enjoyed it and will read next:)
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