now im going to try and do a lot of homework. i hope i finish a large percentage of it.

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here is an example of a roleplay. and sorry its not that good and i just basically based it on something i want like being kissed by m y crush. 
In the mornings, the little bird outside Isabelles sang a lovely little tune. To Isabelle it wasn't exactly lovely but it was like an alarm clock for her. She rose from her bed then began her daily morning routine. Isabelle isn't the type of girl who needs to spend a lot of time getting dressed for school, she wakes up looking like an angel. Any type of clothing fits her perfectly and compliments her single on of her features. On this certain morning, she wasn't feeling so well, but missing school is something she hates to do. So she put on a pair of yoga pants, sperrys and one of her fathers old uniforms. This outfit wasn't not a beautiful one, but on her it became beautiful. The yoga pants fit her perfectly and made her butt perky and cute. Isabelle then left the house to go to school. before school each morning she always stop by starbucks and picks up her a favorite drink. A light chai latte espresso & vanilla shot. Feeling slightly a little more energized she parked her car and then listened to her favorite song before getting out. Dominick, an attractive senior who had a major crush on Isabelle but she was too naive to notice. Dominick feeling a little adventurous decided to wait for her until she got out of her car & went up to her to start a conversation. Isabelle was extremely surprised to see him but she did smile at him and say hello. As she was trying to go around him & get her bookbag. He pulled her by the waist and said 'There's something i've been meaning to tell you'. he then kissed her. and walked away without saying another word. Isabelle just stood there shocked yet wanting his lips on hers again.
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