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Thank you for all the support & love. You guys have been supportive non stop & I am extremely thankful. I have been doing well, I realized that if I don't regret it then I made the right decision. The past few days I have been feeling at peace with it. I am not sad at all. Thank you for all your concern & lovely messages, comments, etc.

I am okay, but right now I am a complete wreck (for a different reason though!) Okay, so usually I really try to avoid reading fanfictions. Typically, they're written terribly or way too sexual. 

But sh/t. Sh/t... I'm at a loss for words, so emotionally drained, that I am actually cussing. And no one recommended me to read this, I had no idea what I was getting into before reading it. I was NOT prepared to encounter something so pure, so painful, so beautiful, so tormented....something so stunning... By the ending my heart was beating so hard I thought it would just burst out of my chest, and in the last page it just stopped. I can feel that hollow. My shaking hands. And the amazingness of it all. And I guess my emotions are heightened even more because of the fandom I'm in. Instead of making up how you think the characters look like when you read a normal novel, you already visualize the people you're reading about. Ask me if I recommend this fic and I'll say yes. No doubt. No hesitation. Forget it, this fan fiction wasn't amazing, this fic was epic. LIFE CHANGING in every sense of the word. No kidding. This fic has many lessons, and I will never forget the one that stuck to me. And I don’t think my review does any justice to this fvcking PHENOMENAL STORY. Wow.

If you're in the fandom you think I'm talking about just ask me what it is & I'll answer (Because I think a lot of people who aren't in the fandom would understand what the fvck is going on if I just randomly gave out the link) And if you're in the fandom then I'll send it to you. BUT BE CAREFUL. Read with caution, and I'm not just saying that because of all the emotion you will feel. There is A LOT of triggering content in this story. MAKE SURE TO READ THE TRIGGERS BEFORE HAND. I know a lot of my personal friends on here sadly, will not be able to read it.

But anyway, right now I am completely blown away by the sheer brilliance & emotion I felt during this. I can't believe it's not printed into an actual book or made into a movie. (Well, it's sort of like a real book because there's 20 chapters and an epilogue and Q&A but yeah iTS GREAT) And it just made me ship my oTP EVEN MORE THAN I DID BEFORE AND I FVCKING HATE IT OH MY GOD I'M EVEN MORE OBSESSED AND WOW 


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