I'm Jenny, 13, and I'm from Canada. I'm obsessed with my future. My dream is to travel the world and study political science and law at an Ivy League, become an influential person, and change the world. 

I have a love for fashion. I love the Victorian era and the Roaring Twenties. You probably already know my style is very contradictory: it can go from beachy, laid-back, and casual one day and classic and preppy the next. My favourite things I like to wear are cable knit sweaters, patent, layers, ruffled blouses, and metallics. 

I fangirl over British royalty, Lana Del Rey, and models. I love Taylor Swift and the Kennedys and I fantasize about being a Kennedy (Jenny Kennedy would sound like a joke, so I would have to be Jennifer Caterina Kennedy.) quite often.

I really like the city, sarcasm, tea, current events, books, writing, Japanese food, and I'm really just listing things off of the top of my head. 

I'm probably way more of an eccentric person than you picture me because I seem so mature on here. You have no idea how many times people have told me that I'm so mature for my age, when I was 12. I'm awkward and extremely quiet. I procrastinate exercising and studying (I'm supposed to be on the treadmill right now). I have a really sarcastic and dark sense of humour. I'm quite deceptive. It's always the quiet ones, huh? I'm very ambitious and my bucket list and expectations for myself are impossibly high, although I'm not a very motivational or easily inspired person. 

I go to a Catholic elementary / junior high school, but they accept all religions and I'm Buddhist. I plan on going to an academic high school, but I'm afraid I won't get accepted as it has high standards. 

I'm Chinese and Vietnamese, but I was born and raised in Canada and I've never been out of the country. I know both languages, but I can only speak Cantonese. I have fairly dark hair which used to be pure black, but I blow dry my hair everyday without heat protectant (my hair gets oily if I don't, I know ew) and now it's kind of dark brown. I am also one of the most pale people I know. I am referred to as Snow White (thumbs up) and flour (thumbs down). 

I can't stand typical teenage girls. You know, the girls that have long hair, tanned skin, hit on every guy, don't care about their education, will settle for less, and go around crying saying "I hate society )':" and the most annoying phrases ever, such as "swag", "stay strong", and "you're beautiful"? Yes, I did indeed just dare to insult 90% of the teenage population of this website. Sorry not sorry. If you are one of those people I understand your opinion of me has just changed drastically or hopefully not at all (unless you very much agree). 

I love poetry and music. Rilke is amazing and so is Lana Del Rey. 

I'm a very contradictory person and basically to sum me up I'm a walking paradox. My life motto is "live free or die". 

I've run out of ways to describe me without listing things I like.

- Jenny Caterina
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