What if I kissed you right now
how would we explain it
trying to imagine how it might sound
if I just yelled out
What if I kissed you right now
would it bring us any closer
take the weight off our shoulders
take me I’m yours
and I don’t really care who knows it
can we afford to be that open with all these emotions
if you were a secret how long could you keep it
keep it to yourself don’t tell nobody else
nothin but mine,
talkin bout mine,
now ur all mine -Drake

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Urban Attire

Urban Attire

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Thank you to everyone who joined & continues to submit sets !

swag too dope, so fucking obey

swag too dope, so fucking obey

This group is for the dope and creative.
Free your mind through a set, put a smile on a face.
Creativity is within us all.
So please join contests.
I will try my best as the only mod to make you all feel special.
Mucho love,
Juney. <3

Pardon My Swag

Pardon My Swag

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