Switched Biases contest: http://www.polyvore.com/switched_biases/contest.show?id=371975

My lovely dongsaeng @kittykathearts

I gift these three fallen angels to thee :D 

[I really like this contest idea, why is no one else doing it?]


Okay, something weird happened 0.o Usually I get on average between 50-70 likes per set. But I logged on this morning and saw that one of my sets had *goes to check* 181 likes 0.o I've never received that many likes for any of my sets. 


So uh, thank you :) Yes, it's random since I made that set about a week ago and now in the past 24 hours it's all of sudden popular. But hey, still love you guys :D

Has that ever happened to you girls before? 0.o Where there is a random splurge of likes all of sudden for an old (ish) set?
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