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BLOGGY TIME. This blog will be random and mostly just random things I need to write down or else my mind will burst. Or something.

First off... Check out my second collection of my favorite new model, Hayley Wheeler! http://www.polyvore.com/fresh_face_hayley_wheeler/collection?id=1226406

NEXT, you should really consider joining @the-clary-project and I's amazing new RP: http://www.polyvore.com/barton_hollow_bh/group.show?id=132755

Now some more random things about this set, my life, and of course the dear boys of One Direction :))

1. River is looking so hot. You could cook a whole meal on those nice abs of his. (Like my total cliche?) Okay, enough, I shouldn't be talking about @istylista's husband anyway.
2. I decided to mix B&W pics with color pics because I felt like it. 
3. Don't you love the outfit Andie's wearing in the top left pic? I wanna wear it, looks so comfy. 
4. Any song suggestions you think I would like (I like alternative, soft rock, indie, most everything except rap and R&B really)? I have $3.00 left on my iTunes gift card. 
5. UP ALL NIGHT CAME OUT TODAY IN THE UK AND IRELAND... I need my One Direction now in the US! :((
6. ... Good thing I ordered the special yearbook edition of Up All Night from Amazon UK and it should be in my mailbox soon :) AHHH I cannot contain myself!! @diegolohve, @lostinthebigcity, @lostinsuburbia, and @theporcelaindoll surely agree with me :)) haha
7. I want to use all of these models for a RP in the future, but especially Hayley and Josie. 
8. I watched the AMAs last night... did you guys? It was okay, I was a little disappointed in Moves Like Jagger because for some reason they sounded off to me and Christina's dress was NOT flattering at all for her... But If I Die Young was good. OH MY GOSH J LO WAS INSANE. She looked like freaking Britney Spears! Like, she is too old to be doing that! Just, NO. 
9. Who else is mad that Angelea is still on ANTM? Ugh, she should have been off a long time ago, and so should Lisa. Allison better win. 
10. I can't stop thinking about One Direction... Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall... I love them all so much! GAHHH. 
11. One more day of school this week! So glad we have Thanksgiving break, I need a break and some yummy food. I get to make the pumpkin pie because I'm so beast at it. Chya. 
12. My Calc teacher has already decorated his room in "festive winter holiday lights". It's pretty freaking awesome. And probably a serious fire hazard. Oh well. 
13. Today I got several compliments on my favorite Coach leather boots :)) 
14. ONE DIRECTION IS NOT A WANT, THEY ARE A NEED. It's almost unhealthy, really.
15. We're reading the Canterbury Tales in AP Lit right now and it's getting very offensive... Haha. 
16. In pottery I'm making ornaments for everyone in my family! Homemade gifts are the best :)
17. I watched The Notebook again on Saturday and was proud of myself for not crying as much as I usually do.
18. I also saw Breaking Dawn on Friday and was very surprised because it was actually really good (I thought for sure they'd mess it up) and I thought it was the best movie of the series so far. 
19. THE HUNGER GAMES ON THE OTHER HAND... ahhh March 23rd cannot come fast enough!!
20. I also want to see that new movie The Vow with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum! Oh my gosh that movies looks perfect and amazing. And @little-miss-rae, please tell me your storyline for NWH with Lo and Dan is based from that because it is like the exact same!
21. One Direction... x]]
22. It was so cold today and rainy and just yucky. But of course I still dressed like the fashionista I am. Haha, partly because it was also group picture day for the yearbook and I was in it for FCCLA and NHS.
23. Anybody good with binary numbers? We're using them in Computer Science and they confuse me slightly. 
24. Has anyone seen the new Skittles commercial? IT IS SO BAD! As in, it is not appropriate to be shown on TV, I don't even know why they made it! Seriously, it scarred me for life. I will never think of Skittles in the same way ever again.
25. I'm hoping to get caught back up on my reading over the break. And I really need to find Wintergirls somewhere because I NEED to read it.

Okay, I guess that's all. If you were even mildly interested and read the whole thing, comment below "a cliche is only as cliche as it's clichee" xD

LOVE YOU GUYS! But only if you love 1D... ahaha just kidding, but if you haven't been fangirling already, check them out. Do it. Do it now. 

xx Taylor
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