Fell in your opinion, when I fell in love with you.
Falling//Florence and the Machine

This set was to mainly procrastinate on writing out a bunch of contest entries and fanfics.
@all-we-believe-in, sorry to be a bother, Breanne-chan, but um... have you started on your part yet? It's been a month since I posted, and I don't want to rush you, but I'd like to know, hehe :)
Sorry. I don't feel like putting the effort to make an art set. Why do all my fashion sets look the same? :/
Anyways, how has your summer been going?
Mine has been... eh. My grandparents came from Vietnam, and they're staying for a few weeks. They don't really bother me, but I'd rather be home by myself, you know? Otherwise, I've been writing fanfics like crazy-or rather, thinking up plot bunnies. I've not the inspiration to actually write out the words. And speaking of my writing (which has gotten worse), I have a troll.
That's nice. Not.
So yes, my last 4 stories have all been down-rated severely, like there are multiple people giving it 1 star. Usually, I don't mind, because that's the person's opinion. I'm not one to influence that. But when it's 4 stories in a row, and I know that they're not /that/ bad, then I know it's a troll. And they're doing it over and over, because if it was just one time, then the ratings wouldn't be so low.
Is it petty to say that I care about ratings? I hardly ever get feedback, so the ratings are all I have to go by, you know? I probably need a slap of reality, but...
Hopefully, I'll be able to go to Miranda's house for a sleepover. I'm trying to convince my mom to let me stay for 2 days, and she's like, "But I'll miss you!"
"Mom, she stayed with us for an entire weekend in Pennsylvania."
The reason she won't let me go is because she's trying to keep an eye on me. More than necessary. Like she's trying to control everything. But it's not like I can tell her, "Mom, I like going to my friends' house more than them coming here, because they don't have an annoying little sister, and we can actually stay up past 11 and go online and watch shows and eat junk food until 5 in the morning. And they don't have a bratty little sister for an alarm clock at 9 in the morning. On a weekend."
Good grief.
If anyone cares, I am back on Tumblr, but I changed my URL to http://a-senseless-dreamer.tumblr.com. I'm gonna delete all my previous posts and I already unfollowed everyone (except a few people from QZ and two people from Polyvore).
On Tuesday, my dad signed us up for family tennis lessons (*gags*), but he made me go by myself. And it was the wrong day-all adults. Nonetheless, I was in the intermediate/advanced group, with this kinda cute coach (that was only 3 years older! He was a senior when I was a freshman?!), and the other women were like in their 40's, and I'm 15. What the heck? Either way, I beat the shit out of them in singles.
So I don't know if I'm going back next Tuesday. We learned that we might have had the wrong place, too, so I don't know...
I got my report card in the mail a few weeks ago, and I was so happy that I started crying. Or maybe it was because I was excited that I actually cleaned my room. But here are my grades (so fucking happy!)
AP English: Finals-94, FSM-92 (I actually got an A on the finals?! What an improvement from the B+ on the midterms! AND I PASSED WITH AN A FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR :D)
AP History: Finals-95, FSM-96 (my teacher said the scores were 75-95, or there was a 98 in there, and guess what? I GOT THAT FUCKING 95!!!! THE HIGHEST SCORE?!?! *dies* AND I PASSED BOTH OF MY AP CLASSES WITH A'S!)
Geometry: Regents-100, FSM-97 (HOLY FUCKING HELL CRAP, I GOT A PERFECT SCORE ON THE FUCKING REGENTS?! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! This is big, because my algebra regents was a 92, and my midterm was a 90. WHAT NOW?!)
Biology: Regents-97, FSM-97 (Coolness. I'm not really as excited, because it's my strongest subject and my favorite, but still happy)
French: Finals-99, FSM-99 (One point from a perfect finals because of my speaking exam, but I'm still extremely happy. And I got a 100 in the last quarter!)
FSM is short for final school mark-so, my final grade in that class, overall. My last quarter GPA was 96.857, and for the entire year-96.929. Not bad at all :)
Sophomore year, I'm kinda excited for. I have harder classes, because everyone says chemistry is really hard. Also, I have my AP history exam next year, so my teacher is really gonna crank out the info. Good grief... I don't wanna go back to doing outlines! Nooooooo...
But, I'm taking these two computer graphics courses, which have to do with Photoshop and photography, and I'm really happy, because I waited years to do that. Still doing AP English, Algebra 2/Trig, and French 3R. I might be doing net sports, if my schedule is accepted-so that means tennis, badminton, and volleyball. Happyful.
I don't really have many plans this summer. I couldn't volunteer at the library, but I might be working in my parents' professor's lab at the public health university-you know, doing some errands here and there. But I don't mind.
I also plan to see Miranda more. Jake and I have made up since last year, and I'll visit him more. But he wants us to hang out with Michael... and frankly, I just don't want to see him. Too many bad memories. There's going to be trouble if we do. I'd rather leave him in the past. And I don't want to miss him anymore. Even though I've been missing him for over a year. When will this bullshit end? *sighs*
Urm, that's it. I've been procrastinating long enough. Off to do a Canada story!
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