If you asked him why he loved her, he would shrug his shoulders and say "I just do." 

This wasn't true. He loved her so much and he knew why. He loved so many things about her that he could never begin to explain in just one day. It would take months...Years...Decades. He could go on and on and never stop.

He loved her love for winter the most. He loved how she would sit at the window for hours watching the snow fall. Then at night, she'd go out in the pitch black and lay in the snow. She said she loved stargazing in the snow and that the snow brought this certain sense of quiet you couldn't get any other time. A certain stillness. Not even the snowflakes made noise when they dropped down to the ground. Everything was quieter. Cars and other noise pollution seemed to not exist on days like this.

But things changed and he was only a mechanic in their 2 church town, and she was college-bound, meant to be the wife of someone he wasn't. 

Even when he was old and on his deathbed, he still had that dream. The one he first had the day they met. The one where she was the king-less, ice queen and he was only her servant. He would have scrubbed her floors forever if it meant being near her.

He didn't know that she died not long after she left town for college. They found her in a field, frozen. Some speculated she was suicidal. Others stood their ground and said that she just had fallen asleep and wasn't dressed warm enough. The headlines in papers called her the ice queen. Funny how things work out.

He married a nice girl who's birthday was in spring. One he had known since kindergarten. They had 3 kids, all born in summer months. He never wanted to mix that life with his winter love.
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