I know it has been a while since my last set.
But am I wrong or isnt here going on something.
Actually this set is a bit random and it just happend while I was listening to some of my new favorite songs.
Hope you like it. I do not refer this set on somebody, because at the time i have no crush or something like that. blaaaeeh. :D I saw "him" again today. He was kinda confused when he saw me and came out. (he is working and has to stay inside) i was with a friend of mine and we leaved as fast as we could. He was gazing but i dont care. :D yeah, i think I am meli again. I lost me a while but now everything is okay again. L was ill today :( I called her, but she did not take up the phone.. so if you read this please tell me that you are fine :) Todaaaaay in school i was in the theater class and it was just great. I think my teacher really does like me. ♥
Oh it has been a great time since I watched tv... i will go now. Here a list of my favorite songs at the moment, please leave yours too. :)

1. 30stm - revenge
2. 30stm - the kill
3. 30stm - this is war
4.30stm - kings and queens
5. motion city - fell in love without you
6. muse - neutron star collision
7. kings of leon - use somebody (+ cover/airto)
8. 30stm- a modern myth
9. b.o.b - nothin on you
10. the burned - make believe

- mk ♥
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