Name: Alexandra Mae Montgomery
Style: not girly girly, just kinda "smart girly" like in this set.. i dont exactly know how to explain it...
Likes: writing, reading, cute things, online shopping, photography, cats, bubble tea
Dislikes: Mean girls, snakes
Bio: Alexandra wasn't one of those perfect, girly girly popular girls. She wasnt THAT popular, or the IT girl like most girls. She has one good friend infact, who she is still best friends with now. Alexandra is a very, sweet, bubbly girl if you get to know her, actually, shes quite crazy. She's very very nice, unless your mean to her! She could make you a nothing, or an everything, you can choose. Her favorite color is red, because it could be very dark and gloomy, and very bright and cheery, so theres a shade for every shade you're feeling. Alexandra loves her little black kitten to death, and her puppy (french bulldog) too(: (sorry its short..)
Model: Emily Didonato

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