Ok guys, so some of you know how I seriously like to read and write, but I never publish anything, or update my story (I really suck, huh?) right?
Well yesterday, I was just kind of letting some story ideas float around in my head like usual, until I struck imaginary gold.
So heres a rough outline.
A young woman and a young man meet. Isn't that how the story usually starts? Not so much with their story.
Jesse Maroni, 19, (some other descriptions, etc. I only came up with the plot. Not the peoples.) and astronomer in training. She couldn't dream of achieving this goal with her father. The absentee bastard.
Max Ramirez, 21, (descriptions, blah blah, yada yada, shamckity shmack.) finally out of college, with enough of an education to make it in photography, but not a clue where to go with it.
When these strangers happen to be out developing pictures for their own reasons, the least expected, but most common thing happens.
They crash into each other.
But after the painful collision course, there was no gazing into each others eyes, only hastily gathering papers and a little bickering.
They go on about their business, not giving each other any more thought.
Until Jesse ends up with a picture of an empty rusty bench, surrounded with tall, wind blown grass, and unraked leaves in the sunset.
Its Max's prized photo that he had planned on sending to whatever photography biz would take im in.
He needs it back to finally get what he's been working for.
But Jesse doesn't want to give it back.

Sound good? Sound so horrific they wouldn't turn a page with a ten foot pole? I really need to know these things!
Actually, how does the set look? Good? Bad? Not enough items? (I think yes to that last question >.>)
Happy Halloween! Sorry I'm late about that! I was too busy trick or treating :D
Too all you peoples who automatically think a 9th grader is too old for trick or treating, you'll have to catch me when my mouth isn't freaking FULL OF CHOCOLATE!
Song of the Set: Ten Cent Pistol - The Black Keys
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