wooop! 2ne1 comeback in just 4 days! I can't wait~~
Minzy looks so gorgeous here right? :)

I was tagged by @nikol128 here http://www.polyvore.com/rainy_day/set?id=85010771

1. Where you want to spend your vacation and why there?
Seoul or Jeju Islands. I love their culture and landscapes ♥

2. If you can fulfill on wish what would it be and for what?
Now I would love to find out what kind of career or job should be the perfect one for me. Another day I would say another thing x)

3. Favorite show or movie?
My favourite movie is Titanic and Finding Nemo

4. You have brothers and sisters?
One older sister

5. Favorite fruit?
Bananas ♥

6. Your favorite time of day? Why?
At 0:00 because although it's late I can do the things I want to do as I have already finished all my homework

7. Who you wanted to be a child?
I think I don't understand the question :/ 
8. Sea or mountains?

9. Favorite brand of cosmetics?
L'OREAL (but if I could I would buy at ETUDE HOUSE)

10. If you listen to Kpop, Jpop, Jrock or other music wchat is jour favorite singer or group?
2ne1 ^^

11. What do you do when it rains outside ?
Run as fast as I can wearing just a t-shirt and short shorts (I do this when it rains on summer)

I was also tagged by @ioreth here http://www.polyvore.com/tiffany_questions/set?id=85297551

1) If you were to write a book and it was made into a movie, who would play the main character?
Daesung ♥

2) Have any pets? 
No :(

3) Who was your first Polyvore inspiration?
@chomiczynka you were the first k-poper I found here in polyvore

4) Favorite villain?

5) Where would you like to live?
Seoul :)

6)Which K-pop artist pairings do you ship?
TOPBOM, Skydragon and Minzy/Jay Park (although I don't like shiping people, I ship them so much XD)

7)Which K-pop group/member do you dislike and why?
I don't really like SNSD

8)What position do you see yourself as in a group and why? (leader/maknae, visual, rapper, vocal)
Vocal and maybe dancer (?)

9) Funniest YouTube video you've ever seen?
Oh! I would love to show it to you, but it's in Spanish >.<

10) What website (besides polyvore) do you spend most of your time on?
YouTube and Tumblr.

11)What was your best ever concert experience?
I have only gone once to a concert and it was Lady Gaga's. It was cool, although she vomited because she ate too much paella :/
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