Fantastic Floral Arrangements

These are just a few of my favorite floral arrangements.I admire all of you talented people who have what it takes to make a beautiful piece of artwork.My attempts to make a floral arrangement have been unsuccessful...DELETE!!!


Wrote one year ago
Stunning collection, thanks so much for adding me too!

Wrote one year ago
@truthjc @neicy-i @auntiehelen @nansg @lynnspinterest @cindycook10 Sorry that I have been awhile getting back to most of you here to say how much I love your floral arrangements.I so wish I could make a pretty floral set.I'll try again one of these days.Have a wonderful day ladies!!!

Wrote one year ago
I'm so flattered @nancydrew ! Thank you for including my set in this gorgeous collection! xo

Wrote one year ago
Thank you for including my set in your wonderful collection ♥

Wrote one year ago
This is a BEAUTIFUL collection! Who doesn' t love flowers? An honor and TYSM for including my sets dear! For you -

Wrote one year ago
Dang!! I'm sooooooo laaaaaaaaate on responding to you adding my set to your gorgeous collection!!! You, my dear, are over the top talented at creating art sets so to have you add mine (which I still am trying to grasp it) has me speechless!!! Thank you sweetie from the bottom of my heart❤

Wrote one year ago
@mary-gereis @hawkeye9862 @oregonelegance @truthjc Thanks ladies for making such beautiful floral arrangements that I can add to all of the other amazing floral arrangements in one of my favorite collections. You are all so talented and creative, and I really admire your sets. Have a wonderful day.

Wrote one year ago
I feel deeply honored to have one more of my sets added here, sweet friend ! I admit this is one of the most beautiful collections here in Polyvore ! Thank you !

Wrote one year ago
Wonderful collection, thank you so much!

Wrote one year ago
Wonderful collection my dear Nancy. I fell happy to have my set here and thank you very much !

Wrote one year ago
Thank you for adding my set dear... this collection is amazing!

Wrote one year ago
@kikilea and @truthjc Such a pleasure to have your sets in my collection of beautiful floral arrangements.

Wrote one year ago
Thanks for adding my set! <3

Wrote one year ago
@kikilea Thanks for attaching your beautiful flower arrangement.I didn't see it, and I have been looking around at people's sets for favorites, too!Your set definitely belongs in my collection so glad you brought it to my attention.I love the purple flowers.And... @emjule Thanks for the link to your tutorials.I am anxious to check them out.Hopefully I can figure some of these things out, but I pretty much think making floral arrangements in a talent.Yours are amazing.

Wrote one year ago
Thank you! @emjule

Wrote one year ago
@nancysdrew @truthjc @kikilea I will try to work on some more tutorials. Here is a collection of the tutorials I have already made.

Wrote one year ago
@truthjc I also love your boot flower arrangement!

Wrote one year ago
@nancysdrew I am pretty sure there are tutorials on flower sets by @emjule, maybe she can help.
Here is one of my flower arrangements.

Wrote one year ago
@truthjc I adore your floral arrangement in the clever.

Wrote one year ago
@truthjc @thewondersoffashion @ginger @kearalachelle I love all of your floral arrangements.I can't figure out how to do one.I imagine there is a plan and then knowing how to layer each flower to make the whole thing come together.Is there a tutorial out there in Polyland that I haven't seen?

Wrote one year ago
@kikilea Thanks for your nice comment.I don't think I've seen a floral arrangement from you.Show me if I've missed one.I just can't figure out how to put flowers together without them looking tacky.LOL

Wrote one year ago
love this collection WOW so happy to be in here!

Wrote one year ago
Wonderful collection!!! Thank you for including mine! <3

Wrote one year ago
Thank you!!!

Wrote one year ago
Gorgeous collection!


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