I'd like to share my work out as Sporter and eating habit it's good for my body i was thinking someday i'll share about this..Not based on healthy book.

Eating healthy for "Diet and not gain weight"
A:Must do
1.Very important do not skip breakfast 
2.Eating fruit everyday for afternoon or evening snacks such as apple,kiwi,berries,pine apple,cucumber,watermelon,papaya
do not eat this fruit such as banana,avocado,durian,mango coz it has too carbo and not burn it well for vitamin it transform to be carbo.
3.Eating veggies for daily meal with fruit from no.2
4.Drinking pure water instead of any sweet juice during diet *remember do not drink any sweet or fruit juice that adding sugar in it*
5.Skip anything too carbo,fatty oil or sugar,fried chicken,pizza,bread,ramen,noodle anything made from flour during diet.better should eat rice,salad and fish instead of meat.
6.Stop eating heavy meal before 7pm you can eating some fruit but not much after this time.** plus around 6-7 pm is a good time to sit up/light exercise.

B:Work out/excercise
1.Checking your body sharp if you has problem with huge legs do not choose to jogging or aerobic can choose to doing "hot yaka" or exercise only some part such as life up your legs around 200 times/day in 30 minutes.

2.Sit up this based on my routine do 20/time x5 = 100 times per day for beginner and should do every night sure you'll have flat belly.if you do it long time enough you can reach up to 200-300 times it's help you build up healthy six packs trust me xD:)

3.Jogging better for morning time coz your leg just wake and not yet has stress for your muscle must do it around 30 minutes do not do too much coz will gain muscle for your legs of course girl should not have that muscle for your legs right?

4.I suggest Yoka any kind of yoka is good for your health and body sharp if you can dance and young fighter boxing+dance is good too.

Remember do not skip breakfast,following do,and don't for food i forgot to tell from food above do not drink milk for diet around 2 weeks just wait for your lose weight first, you can go back to drink again.

and must do work out for routine just only sit up around 30-1 hr/day you'll have a good body even you dont have time.
do not hard core instead of that should keep it for routine.

* such a conflict coz i adding macaroons and chocolate here LOL
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