Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort.

{x} include a photos of someone who looks like the antagonist and the protagonist (may be an actor from a movie adaptation, a fan art drawing, or any celebrity who you think looks like them)
{x} include something that represents their conflict: Harry's parents.
{x} include an ampersand (aka, the and sign: &)
{x} title format is as follows: GENRE, Book title // BotBG Round 2.3
{x} tag your team: Fantasy

1. @fashionqueen76 // The Firebrand 
2. @aurora-zg // Howl's Moving Castle
3. @annashreder // Lord of the Rings
4. @alexandrapopplewell // Harry Potter
5. @hannah-rose-weasley // Night Circus
6. @justmemarisaa // Heroes of Olympus
7. @wonderland825 // Mortal Instruments
8. @diario-de-uma-viajante // Ranger's Apprentice
Extra Credit:
{x} +1 point per to the team: if you like your team’s tag comment on this set 
{ } +10 points to the team: if everyone on your team enters
{x} +3 points for yourself: if you use the featured item (pleeease make it obvious)
{x} +5 points for yourself: if you make it a dual (as in two) color scheme (putting a colored screen over it doesn't count): Green and Red
{x} +2 points for yourself: if you include a photo/drawing/whatever of water or waves

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