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  • More Leopard and Lace
    "A Rochas maxi skirt is worth more than it's weight in gold. Talk about heirloom. Gucci, Givenchy, mixed with staple pieces & a Fendi bag make this a keeper for the Fashion Hall of Fame" — leotajane
  • New Style-Minimal
    "Victor & Rolf are true avant-garde designers. Some of the pieces of their first collection were mind blowing. We have unbelievable wears from them still that push the envelope bless me. Without McQueen they fill a small part of that hole" — leotajane
  • My Favorite Handbag
    "Rick Owens practically overnight became the man of the leather jacket. Now we are blessed with his full collections. To revel in his boots, bags, dresses & accessories is to be armored like Joan of Arc." — leotajane
  • Barneys Wifey
    "This is my first set going into the Fashion Hall of Fame. The color and tassels got it's ticket and it's beautiful woven BV Bag didn't hurt either." — leotajane

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Wrote one year ago
awwee shucks, thanks again for appreciating my set as much as I do and did while making it. I cant wait to see what other sets you discover on Polyvore. Im exciting and cant wait to see others creative juices flow.


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