i was tagged by @janchy1 to her beautiful set http://www.polyvore.com/pastel_power/set?id=45053996 ... 

1. Black or white? black
2. Fancy or casual? casual
3.Books or films? both :)
4. East or west? west
5. Horror or Comedy? comedy 
6. Heels or flats? flats.. but sometimes heels :)
7. Summer or winter? summer
8. Italian or American food? both :))
9. Long or short hair? long
10.Actors or athletes? athletes .. and actors :D 
11.Skirts or pants? pants mostly .. but love skirts //
12. Pop or rock? pop
13. Younger or older boys? depends.. but mostly younger ... not my fault :D 
14.Rome or New York? BOTH
15.Fashon or art? fashion
16. Sunglasses or hats? sunglasses
17. Coffee or tea? Tea
18. Zara or H&M? love both .. but H&M
19. Chocolate or vanilla? ice cream: vanilla ... but generally chocolate :)
20. Salted or sweetly? depends 
21. Lipgloss or lipstick? lipgloss
22. Romantic or realist? realist
23. Light or dark? light
24. Curly or straight hair? straight
25. Club or cinema? cinema .. and party all night at club :D :D 

I tag and dedicated this set to: @buckets-of-bows @papageorgiou01 @monica-kiss @helena2005lm @yrja @ruthayalarcon @nathaly-14 

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