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Fashion Is Art

In this group: ♥Anyone can join! ♥Only Fashion and Art & Expression sets are allowed ♥There are weekly contests ♥There will be a Spotlight Member for each month* ♥Submit as many sets as you want ♥Have fun (: [ - ] Spotlight Member: - Please invite your friends so that this can be a big, popular group on Polyvore :D Spotlight Member Sets: http://www.polyvore.com/fashion_is_art_spotlight_members/collection?id=935718 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Every month there will be a contest for members to show their talents and become popular! This contest will take place around the middle of the month and the group members will get to vote for who they think is the winner! ♥ r u l e s ♥ ♥ Only sets made in the specified month may be entered, any that are made not in the specified month will be ignored ♥ You may say 'Please vote for me [contest link]' in the set info if you want, but you CANNOT say i will give you 50 likes if you vote for me or anything like that. If you do your entry will be ignored ♥ You can't be the Spotlight member two months in a row-that wouldnt be fair ♥ The set(s) you enter can be Fashion and/or Art & Expression sets. ♥ For example, if you win the contest in the year 2O11, you can not enter for the rest of the year, until the next year (which is 2O12 in this example) ♥ p r i z e s ♥ ♥ Winning Set will be in my collection '♥ Fashion Is Art ♥ Spotlight Members' ♥ They Winning Set User will be mentioned in an announcement ♥ I will make a set and in the info, I will say "Check out [Winner]! [Profile Link] She is Fashion Is Art's Spotlight Member for [Month Year] And Check out the collection 'Fashion Is Art Spotlight Members'!" Or something like that ;) ♥ I will like the set of course ;) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previous Spotlight Members: ✿ M.Princessy ( bday 24.12♥ ) Amour... Schnitzel ninja kyliethefashionnerd lavishlulu
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