Lacey Lloyd-Eldridge
• The Fashionista
Lacey was a real whore before she discovered Alexander McQueen, and now she’s just a label whore instead. She devours collections like a socialite devours muffins before lipo, and her quirky-cool approach to clothes design has turned heads from here to Hoxton. No fashion victim or slave to trend, Lacey’s razor sharp sense of style has certainly established her as a name to watch in the industry. Which is just as well, because her newest crazy plan is to quit St Gen’s altogether and make for the shores. The shores of Milan, that is. Her dream of becoming an editor at her own magazine may have not got any further than an internship at teenvogue, but she intends to pursue it as doggedly as she would pursue the last pair of Kirkwoods in her size. But can new love interest Harris Fox-Pitt change her mind before it’s too late?
• Model: Lily Donaldson
• Status: her only lover is Balmain. But Harris Fox-Pitt has other ideas…


"Lacey, this is very you know how much money I had to shell out to cover this up."
I was only half-listening to my dad. He was, as usual, exaggerating my 'misdemeanor'.
The Headmistress of my previous school, *coughcrazybitchcough*, had corresponded with him, narrating at length how much disgrace I had brought upon the school by trying to run away.
"Dad, I'm sorry, but I've told you...I don't want to do this stupid sh*t anymore...take me to Milan, loan me some money...and you'll see me put Wintour to shame...just give---"
He banged his fist on the table that separated us and snarled, "Listen little missy, I've had enough of your childishness. If I hear another word about this magazine business, I'll take away your trust fund."
His eyes were red and the veins in his forehead looked ready to burst.
It wasn't pretty. I guess he must have spent a million pounds from keeping the 'story' out of the tabloids.
He calmed down a bit when I didn't talk back and continued, "so I have a proposal---"
"Since you won't be going back St. Andrew's---"
"Wild horses, or even Wild Marc Jacobs wouldn't drag me."
He glared and said, "no more interruptions. I've admitted you to St Genvieve's in London..."
And he rambled on while I phased out.
SGB couldn't be too bad I guess.
Heck, why not.
I'll spend a few days there. It'll be a holiday.
Let's see how long it will keep me.
I smiled at the thought but decided to risk it once more.
"Hey dad, please look in Italy---"
"NO Lacey, enough!" he roared.
His secretary, Miss Limms rushed in, "Mr. Lloyd-Eldridge, is everything alright?"
"Uh, yes, yes...of course...please escort my daughter out, Miss Limms."
No thank you. I gave them both a dirty look and ran out.

I was so angry I could rip all my jeans...even the already ripped Balmain dress I bought a few hours ago.
I didn't do that. Instead I went shopping.
Heading to Knightsbridge, I sauntered around lazily until I came across that familiar Christopher Kane shop.
I entered the boutique and the lady at the counter smiled to see me.
The store was nearly empty. Not having one of their best customer days I guess. 
"Are you having a sale?" I asked.
Her happiness faded and she shook her head disappointed, expecting me to leave.
I smiled and took out the shiny piece of plastic, called my 'emergency' card, a gift from Daddy dearest.
Payback time.
I bought almost anything I could get my hands on.
I grabbed a sexy bustier and turned to get it all paid for.
Something pulled me back.
It was another girl, she was clutching the top. My top.
"I saw it first," she said stupidly, like a first former.
"Finders Keepers."
I wrenched it out of her hand, while tackling her simultaneously.
"Losers Weepers..and hey hun try getting some new lines."
When I came out of the shop, laden with bags, I knew I had maxed out the card.
At least something good came out of this.


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Well I really hope I get this...I love dis girl to bits!!!
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