Lots of girls change interest after a period of time, and thats the same with fashion! Maybe you have a bunch of plain old black heels that you've lost interest in. Its easy to redesign them! Here's what you can do-

For plain black heels-

- Take silver sparkles/glitter and sequins. apply them all over the shoe, or toe spot of the heel
 (idk what its really called.lol) or you could take ribbon and outline your heels and make a bow and place it at the toe part of the heels! You can also put studs on the actual heel. There are so many ways to transform your heels!

You can do the same thing with other shoes as well such as flats, strappy heels, sandals(gladiator type), and so many other shoes. take the picture above for example! You can easliy recreate those flats in any color for less than half the price those shoes cost. get your favorite color flats and a ribbon color that complements the flats color. 

- First you take a ruler and measure the lenght of the flat in the front where you'll apply the ribbon. 

- Take the ribbon and cut it to the measurement you took

- Take gorilla glue and put a VERY thin layer across the front of the heel. you can use other glues like super glue, etc., but don't use nail glue!

- After that apply the ribbon across where the glue is!

- Lastly make a bow and glue it on!

Now you have flats just like those.

There are so many ways to recrate shoes that you love with out spending a fortune on them! The best part? When people ask where you got them you can say you made and designed them yourself!!!


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