Fashionistas 4 Life

Fashionistas 4 Life
We will have a lot of contests as soon as we have 60 members!!! Remember you can submit any set that is fashion/beauty related!!! Well thanks for joining my group, love you girlies!!!
~Any sets you submit, I ( @cupcakeforever03 ) will like your set! I will try to like as much as i can<3
~100 members for our third contest!
~the monitors of the group are:
+nickie @cupcakeforever03
+diana @diana-korakiewicz
~If you advertise our group on a set, We will give you 50 set likes.
All you have to do:
+tag @cupcakeforever03 (so i get notified if you do it)
+ put Fashionistas 4 Life written there, and the group website
+Be a member of Fashionistas 4 Life!!!
If you do this, we will follow you and give you 50 set likes!!!
Nickie & Diana
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