╰☆Project Catwalk☆╮

╰☆Project Catwalk☆╮
Moderated by seasonal-styler and smylin.
This is a "by invitation only" group for seasoned Polyvorians who have a flair for creating artistic and aesthetically appealing fashion sets that focus on style and originality. (NO outfit only sets).
CONTEST JUDGING: Picking sets that I find to be visually appealing is not the only criteria I use. If it were, I would probably have a handful of the same people winning time and time again, as happens in many groups. Most moderators pick winning sets based on the way they make their own sets. I do not. I want everyone in my group to know they have a chance at a trophy whether they make magazine spread sets, artistic sets or simple sets with very little fluff.
All styles welcomed EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING: no templates, outfit only, "floating" design where the clothes look like they're going to drop off the page, scattered sets, sets loaded with with so many props, pictures, magazine articles and text that you can't find the outfit, mini sets that can't be seen without a magnifying glass, or any teen type fan set (Justin Beiber, One Direction, etc).
I send invitations based on specific criteria. I intend to keep the group fairly small - under 350.
  • 245 members
  • 3,384 sets