the fashions of the terraestrials

Terrae's style of dress is representative of a romantic, ethereal fairytale come to life
The preferred colors are dusty pinks, various greens, light oranges, and pale blues. They make all of their own clothes, and use local fabrics, such as lace and chiffon. All of their clothing (both male and female) have some sort of floral embroidery on them.
Women mostly wear gowns in a variety of shapes and cuts while men are often dressed in regal attire that consist of velvet vests, satin suits, ties, and top hats.
Compared to many other lands, Terrae's style of clothing is very reflective of Old Terrae. Their fashions have not changed in over 2000 years, since they reject most change.
Many of Terrae's fashions are reminiscent of beautiful fairytales, princesses, and enchantments.
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