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I was tagged by @onelove123 in her adorable set :3

The rules:
1. Make a set with Korean idol who was born in the same month as you.
2. In description write your birthdate [month and day is enough if you don't want to share with us your age:P]
3. Tag @chomiczynka message me so she can add your set to the collection.

So the person who has a birthday on the same month as mine is Junyoung from ZE:A. In fact his birthday is the same exact date as mine, I'm so happy ^^
Our birthday is on February 9th and he's six years older then me ^^ and prettier than me, needless to say xD Our birthday is this Saturday x)

**BTW! Anybody who doesn't know ZE:A should SOOO get to know them! They're AMAZING! **

^^ I tag: 

Can't wait to see your sets and know your birthdays :) ^^
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