Hazel is dying. there's no way around that. She's had cancer for a few years now and she knows it's only a matter of time before cancer takes what's left of her life. Her mom makes her go to a support group where she meets Augustus, an incredibly hot young man in remission. But what's the point of falling in love when you know you could be gone at any time?

I. Love. John. Green. Call me a cliche, go for it. I'm a book loving nerd fighter who loves John Green, big freaking shock. I don't think he's the best thing to happen to teh planet, but damn is books are good. When Hazel has the flash back of her mom saying 'I won't be a mom anymore' I almost lost it.

It didn't help that I'd just lost my great aunt to cancer the week before. We had actually had her funeral the day before I bought it. It was so sad and so... great. It... I just loved it so much. I had my complaints, but most of them didn't really matter. 

9.5 out of 10

Next is Pretty little Secrets by Sara Shepard

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